Lhanvyini Nechidousa - The Medusa/Hydra/Naga

Nature: A very complex & advanced Living spell from the Temple of the Seven Towers
Pillar: Lead / Khronicum / Saturn / Seven / Tower of the Crystal Skull
Composition: ●Death, ●Fate, ●Matter, ●Veiling, ●Unmaking, ●Guardians of the Veil
Mythically remembered as: Medusa, Hydra, Naga, Basilisk, Leviathan, Lamia, Echidna.
First Appearance: 5.5 "Tick-tock goes the Calendar", where she rode the Beraqlessas to San Fransisco and turned Mnemosyne to stone, kissed Nobel, and was kidnapped by Rui Shi while she was busy trying to hotwire a car.
Notable Encounters: 6.8 "Footprints on the sands of time", where PC's found her home & visited there


What though the knight
the basilisk hath slain,
and pinned it lifeless to the sandy plain,
for up his spear the subtle venom flies;
the hand imbibes it
and the victor dies
The Book, Page 149
Frightfully ugly monstrosity, resembling a serpent-skinned woman. One of its truer shapes is a large aquatic serpent-beast, with four short reptilian legs, and seven long necks turning into seven woman-faced snakes. Each face is masked with one of the seven virtues or vices, and each head has hair composed of seven snakes. The center-most head, the one that's currently primary (if any) spreads out the cobra-like neck or 'hood' , which is stiffened spines that makes it look almost like a collar or crown-like ornament.

Boar-tusks and snake-fangs both, with hair composed of snakes and the body turning into that of a serpent below the belly, but one with small legs like a crocodile or hydra. She has the crest/neck-skin-crown of a cobra, spines rigid and sharp, and her forked tongue hisses menacingly. But in the center it wears a mask shaped like a comely woman, though it is obviously false. Dull, gleaming, hateful grey eyes stare out from behind it.

Each of her seven heads rests on top of its own long and serpentine neck, but at any one time one of them is "dominant", resting between her shoulders where a human head would be, though she can freely move another head there to take its place. Each head has seven masks, the six not currently being used delegated to the snakes of its hair.

Unlike many other living spells encountered thus far, she was not just an immaterial energy but a naturally material creature, with a physical body actually made out of (magically animated) perfected lead.


Name roughly translates as «Poisonous female water-snake who kills to protect/guard».

Was created by the early Grigori both as a symbolic incarnation of one of the newly-developed "Paths" they'd discovered, as well as functioning as a (pro-active) protector of their recently constructed home settlement, the Temple of the Seven Towers. To serve as a guardian of that place, if you will….

The masks and cloaks it hides within lets it be more or less invisible to magical detections, as it passes outside the skein of fate, Unmaking the perceptions aimed at it.

She can take on the form, size, shape, appearance and persona belonging to any 1 of the 49 Greater Masques, Veiling her equipment and body to seem perfectly acceptable and in-character. It effectively creates a fate/matter-cloak for itself that makes the world accept this as truth. Not only does it get the physical disguise, supreme aura-cloak and the normal benefit of the Mask, but she also gains various abilities and traits that fit the Masque, as a sort of incarnation of the idea itself.

In addition to the order-based abilities, she also had specific powers based on the Arcana and Practices she represented.


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