Larke Demonde's Travels

Nature: Grimoire
Author: Calentrinius, student of Lark DeMonde, the famous Mystagogue and reputed (eventual) Archmaster
Acquired: 5,4 "Grapes of Sorrow", during the madcap quest to save Apollo

Info: One mage, whose name has come down to us as Lark Demonde, chose to devote his life to tracking down as many lost and vanishing places as possible before they faded into antiquity. Accompanied by his student and chronicler, Calentrinius, Lark Demonde braved unknown lands and undertook strange voyages in search of the places that soon would no longer exist. This journal contains his discoveries and his failures as well as the secrets of his methods of travel.

Description: The journal appears to be a collection of maps, an oversized bundle of pages bound together within a folded piece of green leather, though both the words “green” and “leather” only come close to describing the outer cover of the book. The color definitely belongs within the spectrum of pigments and hues classified as green, though the precise shade is difficult to pinpoint.

The binding material consists of a heavy twine-like substance that, when analyzed by either magical or scientific means, proves to be partly organic and partly inorganic (some have even gone so far as to suggest synthetic) materials. One binding cord is attached to the shorter flap of the cover, which closes over the body of the book from left to right. The cord is then drawn through a slit in the longer flap of the book. The longer flap wraps entirely around the book once more until it almost meets the place where the shorter flap’s cord protrudes. The cord attached to the end of the longer flap can then be tied together into a knot (or even a simple knot and bow)

Inside, the book consists of a series of loose pages of different sizes, folded to stack neatly together within the binder. Each page consists of a hand-drawn map, expertly colored in with magical dyes that are apparently resistant to time and the elements. Notes are written throughout, both on the front of the map itself, noting discoveries or pointing out potential hazards, and on the back, often describing spells or rotes. This fact has led some to believe that Lark deconstructed an earlier grimoire to make this book of maps to lost places. But that is a matter of speculation.


This grimoire contains information describing a number of rotes concerning travel and exploration. In addition, Lark added a few rotes that constituted unique contributions. It also has maps and descriptions on how to find and access several of the lost worlds and wonders the two explorers tracked down over the years.

Rote Name Spell Dice pool Arcana Traits
Virtuous Patience Rewarded Quantum Flux Com+Occ Fate •
Flight of Birds The Sybil's Sight Int+Occ Fate •
Clumsy Exploration Fortune's Protection Dex+Surv Fate ••
Unimportant Traveler Occlude Destiny Com+Subt Fate •••
Acquisitor's Prerogative Gift of Fortune Res+Invest Fate ••••,
Space ••
Assured Retrieval Probable Cause Res+Occ Fate •••• V1m
Piercing the Illusion Discern Phantasm Res+Occ Prime •
Memoirs Inscribe Grimoire Int+Exp Prime •
Eye of the Magus Supernal Vision Wits+Occ Prime •
Canteen Create Tass Res+Occ Prime •••
Mask of the Spirits Disguise Resonance Pres+Subt Prime ••• area
Vril Nexus Ley Lines Int+Occ Prime ••• E, L
Cross-referencing Relevance Correspondence Wits+Occ Space • C
Knowing the Labyrinth Spatial Awareness Int+Occ Space •
Taking the Road once Traveled Follow Through Dex+Invest Space •• V
Doorway to Freedom Portal Res+Invest Space •••(•(•)) EVT
Exclusive Access Portal Key Res+Occ Space •••• L
Challenging Terrain Labyrinth Man+Occ Space ••••• V
Counting Heartbeats Temporal Wrinkles Com+Occ Time • BF
Unforeseen Visitor Shield of Chronos Com+Larc Time •• BF
Expeditious Retreat Acceleration Dex+Surv Time ••• V
Memoir Editing Shifting Sands Wits+Occ Time ••• V1mL
Inviolate Escapement (Shielding of Time) Res+Occ Time ••• 3m, +1/use
Private Moment Temporal Pocket Com+Occ Time •••• EV
Unbind the Twisted Tress Loosen the Threads Dex+Larc Matter •• L

E = Extended * L = Lasting * T = Transitory * C = Concentration * V = Vulgar * #m = mana cost of # * BF# = Up to # nr of Bonus Factors

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