Lalitha Meddha

Nature: Mage; deceased, sort of. Temporarily. But still not inactive in the meantime active again now, apparently
First Encountered: P1.5 "Tablets of the Hieromagus", where her tomb was visited
Notable Appearances: 5.4 "Grapes of Sorrow", where she rose from her sarcophagus, caused havoc in the middle east, and tried to 'bug' Dorian's shadow



Info: Her lifeless body was found at the innermost chamber in the Tomb of Sin, next to the empty grave where her husband Tammuz should have lain, both of them at the feet of the mighty sarcophagus of Su'en herself. Lalitha's resting place was apparently imbued with a continuous ''Suppress Own Life" effect, letting her rest there indefinitely. The Condiments managed to trigger a different effect when they entered that place, enspelling her currently dead body so that the woman could manifest a ghost-like shadow-presence in order to interact with the visitors without ending her sleep of ages.

Kherem stepped forth.

I name you
anathema, Basaida.
You are Lalitha Meddha:
Slaughterer of Youth.
May you be cursed to
wander this world forever,
condemned to an eternity
awash in your tears,
eternally to haunt
the steps of misfortune,
that you should
behold no joy,
from now until
the end of all things.

At that, the old wizard
smote the cobbles
at his feet with his staff,
and the sun hid its face
and the wind grew still
for fear of carrying
so awful a curse,
even for a moment.
The Black Book, p128

She claimed to not have been a native of the ancient city of Alalakh originally, but arrived there after centuries of wandering the Earth. When asked about her origins she stated that she rose fully formed directly from the primordial ocean itself. Arranged to have herself buried in this tomb out of respect for her adopted queen and lover, and remained dead while waiting for her beloved husband to return to them from his endless wanderings. Was temporarily disrupted by a charm sprung on her by Sekhmet, allowing everyone to flee before Lalitha's ghostly form could gather enough coherency to destroy them. Was originator of many innovative necromantic magics, such as the self-haunting, umbral severance, and the self-repairing/refueling revenants. Her form, when seen with mage sight, was incredibly, unbelievably, exceptionally cursed, to such a degree that it had become as much a part of her pattern as the flesh and bones of her body.

Seven decades later, after the Condiments had long since vanished, after the Eye of the Storm had brought the future Shadow of Lilith back with them from the year 2034, and after they had broken into the secret vaults of the Vatican and executed Seraphiel, thereby removing the sunlight which had so far been shining continually on every entrance to the sealed vaults and book-repositories below, after all that, Lalitha finally awoke from her ancient tomb, and (apparently) ravaged across the land. As far as can be discerned, she seems to have headed directly for one of the closest major settlements, Antakya, and once there her activities were extreme enough to cause mass panic and evacuation, provoking a joint effort by Pentacle and Pyramid to salvage the situation. Guardian operatives working on the coverup in the region were contacted by local Seers who warned them that some sort of magical ''big guns'' from their stockpiled arsenal would be deployed against the (to them) unknown source of the problem, both as a warning to stay well clear of the blast-radius and as a request for help with hiding the event from mundane media.

The assault seemed to end the upheaval, though exactly how much it actually affected Lalitha remains unknown, and informed witnesses claim that she's still alive and active in the world, at least as of plot 6,2.


It was while people were recovering from that event that Dorian confronted his Shadow familiar about its sudden absence during the Iram-expedition, and learned that it had been covertly abducted by Lalitha and then implanted with part of her essence, presumably to track or influence it and/or Dorian. Th cabal then performed "open heart surgery" on the shadow, removing the added energy (half the heart of Lilith's own shadow, ripped directly from its chest), and put it in containment. A jar.

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