Lady Bolevile

Nature: Fairy-goddess
Encountered: 2.5 "More than a thousand words"
Full Title: Mistress of the Manor and the Manor Herself

Description: To mortal senses she (it?) looks like a beautiful woman of precise angles, her features the rich wood tones of cherry, oak and mahogany. Once the illusion and glamour is stripped away, however, one sees the true Bolevile; her flesh incorporates architectural features: An eye might be a keyhole. Her one foot the clawfoot of an old tub. Her fingers tipped with keys, her hair like brocaded curtains, her skin an odd mix of scented leather and hard wood. She’s still beautiful in this form, but it’s too unsettling for most humans to appreciate.

Info: Owner and creator of the Scobury-Clovill camera. Anyone it is used on is given over to her, disappearing within a week and replaced with a fetch, having been promised into her service. After a fierce battle, however, she was willing to accept a bargain instead of abducting Skadi: If she hunted down and killed one of Lady Bolevile's five most trusted and beloved friends (fairy-gods in their own right) within a year and a day the Lady would consider the camera-pact with Skadi ended, the obligation fulfilled. If not…well…she now knew much better the capabilities and limits of the Eye of the Storm, and would not fail in wiping them out if they stood between her and her prey.

As an incredibly powerful being and ruler of an entire world the Lady has hosts of servants, several of which she brought with her when she came to earth last time. Most notable of these were:

The Infamous Hitlist

  • Mantaxia, Lady of the Hunt
  • Nergal, The Raging One
  • The Greve of Stolen Lovers
  • Baron Fairweather
  • Dzarûmazh, the Conqueror Worm


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