Lady Amalthea
Jag har aldrig glömt vem jag var
Jag har bara låtit det sova
Kanske hadde jag inget val
Bara viljan att finnas kvar
Path: Moros
Order: Silver Ladder
Cabal: The Kindly Ones
Concilium Position: Hierarch of San Fransisco

xxThe Last Unicorn - America
xxThe power of goodbye - Madonna
xxGabriellas sång - Så som i himmelen

Info: Fan of the works of E. A. Poe. Has a familiar named Quoth. Nathuram serves as her Provost and is understandably enough very protective of her. Has offered a sizable award for anyone who can shed light on or cure the affliction which robs her of an aura and the ability to advance her enlightenment. Lost her entire previous cabal, which had effectively adopted her, during the final decisive battle against the Atman Aeternus. As sole surviving member she received all the credit for defeating that evil, with the price being that she was now utterly alone in the world. Had romantic feelings for Chimera and was the first person to notice or investigate his erratic behavior as the corruption set in, and was heartbroken when he died. Later on she was befriended by his 'replacement', Dorian Gray.

Jag vill känna att jag lever
All den tid jag har
ska jag leva som jag vill
Jag vill känna att jag lever
Veta att jag räcker till
Jag vill leva lycklig
För att jag är jag
Kunna vara stark och fri
Se hur natten går mot dag
Jag är här
Och mitt liv är bara mitt
Och den himmel jag trodde fanns
Ska jag hitta där nånstans!

Jag vill känna att jag levt mitt liv!


Det är nu som livet är mitt
Jag har fått en stund här på jorden
Och min längtan har fört mig hit
Det jag saknat och det jag fått
Det är ändå vägen jag valt
Min förtröstan långt bort om orden
Som har visat en liten bit
Av den himmel jag aldrig nått
Eventually it was revealed that she also happened to be the person known as The Undying Imperatrix, Persephone, Caroline, and the Collector, which are most likely just some of the many names she's used through the years, and therefore be involved in the conflicts and conspiracies surrounding the Kalakin Engine. It's suspected that she holds the final ''spoke'' / ''wand'' piece, and that she was the one who acquired it from the Eclipse Temple in 1937, and thereby potentially being the cause or trigger for the sudden and inexplicable time-shifts and other conspicuous events occurring at the exact same moment. According to Basil, the man who finally uncovered the truth about Lady Amalthea, his attainments also deduced that her true motivation in these affairs was "salvation".


The Undying Imperatrix


Nature: Known to have been the true leader of the Atman Aeternus.
Sigil: An Ankh combined with a sunburst, covered in gems, sparks or stars.
Soundtrack: Oh Death - Jen Titus

The woman who founded and governed the group of soul-eating Tremere mages who attempted to rule like a legitimate concilium, usurping the Pentacle who according to them weren't willing to make the hard choices that were necessary in order to defeat the Seers of the Throne and their Exarchs. This led to the Lich-War in recent San Fransisco history, but upon the apparent death of their ''Undying Imperator, the surviving members seemed to give up and disperse, abandoning their left-handed society as the surviving necromancers fled in the wake of their faction's defeat.

During this long and bitter conflict the Imperatrix brought many strengths to her coalition, such as an alliance with the Cult of the Doomsday Clock (along with various other legacies declared illegal by the local Pentacle), a level of cooperation and unity among the Tremere practically unheard of in the modern day, and the Black Grail of Koschei.

Weaknesses: (Her ''banes'', or natural ''achilles heels'')
Physical: She is dying, and if deprives of the ingredients for her life-prolonging remedies, she will die.
Mental: She is outnumbered and out-gunned, against several opposing factions, and so can't have as direct control as she'd like, but has to operate indirectly or through pawns and such. Her tactical position is difficult, and so she can't take as direct action as she'd like, and is at severe risk of being out-played.
Social: She does not love. She is broken inside, ever since the man she loved killed her, and she killed him in return.

The Ties that Bind (CD), Track 7: The Undying Imperatrix - Oh Death, by Jen Titus
Oh, Death, оh Death, oh Death,
Won't you spare me over til another year?

But what is this, that I cant see
with ice cold hands taking hold of me?

When God is gone and the Devil takes hold,
who will have mercy on your soul?

Oh, Death, оh Death, oh Death,

No wealth, no ruin, no silver, no gold
Nothing satisfies me but your soul

Oh, Death,
Well I am Death, none can excel,
I'll open the door to heaven or hell.

Oh, Death, оh Death,
my name is Death and the end is here…




Title: 'honorary' Tremere-Primogen (when she is included in the lineages at all)
First historical mentions: Sometime between 1270 and 1370
Soundtrack: Frozen - Madonna

From "On the Origin of Liches":

The remaining two, known to us as Koschiei and Vrykolaka, were not quite so willing to give up just yet. The former instead bent once more over his books and redoubled the efforts in arcane studies and research, for he wanted to explore the full extend of these new powers which the Tremere-Infliction had bestowed upon him. Experimenting he soon discovered many things we today take for granted, and many secrets beyond of which we know nothing even today, and without him would the creation of the Black Grails never have been possible. Yet he could not do all this alone, nor would he survive the wrath of his fellow awakened once they learned of his appetites if he did not consolidate his power, and so it was that his most favoured apprentice, the lauded prodigy Vǎrkolak, became the 'hero' remembered for establishing the occult fraternity serving Koschei and his interests.
Up until this point it is hard to be certain of our facts. Though these things have (supposedly) been told to us by the Primogenii themselves, as opposed to having been passed down from generation to generation as an oral tradition or rediscovered by archaeologists or historians or similar, it is still prudent to remain mindful of the fact that their words may be twisted by personal opinions and feelings, not to mention political agendas. These are ancient, powerful, selfish wizards, and it has oft been remarked upon that their accounts do not always agree. Rather seldom, in fact, and given that we cannot verify anything and must simply have faith in their honesty, many still remain a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to our origins and earliest existence.

-Written by Nergal bani Vrykolaka of the Household of Erzebeth, Tremere Genealogist and historian


While Persephone is assumed by most historians to have probably been a scullery maid or other such servant at first, since she was not a relative and yet already present in Koschiei's household when he took in Vărkolak and began to tutor his famous prodigy, it is still a matter of debate on how long it took before she herself developed magical talent, for the writings of Vărkolak are silent on this topic. It's assumed by Tremere genealogists that she picked it up along the way, maybe by listening in on his lessons, as it's fairly certain that she's the one who inducted two later women into the House and Legacy. As she was presumably present during the formative years of the organization and so undoubtedly assisted with what she could she is often accorded the status of Primogen by some scholars, though there is scant little source material which mentions her doing anything of much import.

The historic records of both the Atlantean Orders and the Tremere Houses tell the story of how a young woman from a peasant village set out to slay Koschiei for all the evils he and his followers had inflicted on her community after declaring themselves Gods of Death and enforcing their rule. But since she not only lacked any sort of magic or enlightenment or powers, came from a poor peasant-family, had no book-learning, and in addition happened to be a mere woman, the mighty Koschiei never even gave her a second thought, seeing her as no threat whatsoever. Which was just what the desperate Order-mages had counted on when they blessed her with a destiny to slay the would-be god, and gifted her with many enchanted treasures and tools and weapons, thereby letting her come close enough to succeed in her quest.

But upon thorough review of the secret documents of the elder Liches the PC's learned that this wasn't exactly how events had played out, for Koschiei was already dead when the young woman arrived at his wizard's tower, having been assassinated the night before. Though the culprit was never identified it was clear that they knew enough of the old man's wards, defenses, powers and habits to get close, forcing the Liches of the day to conclude that it was an inside job. Not wishing to appear weak and in order to avoid the shame of this fact being know, they animated the corpse as a shambling creature and made the approaching 'hero' do battle with it, thereby thinking she had vanquished the legendary sorcerer.




Nature: Strongly believed to be a Moros Archmaster, and possibly to have been immortal even before that.
Real name: Though she has pretended to have many names since then, the Aeons of Fate commented that she remains truly Caroline, more than she is anything else.
Soundtrack: Rene's Song - Graham Gouldman

The Book, Page 149
Hyperborean words listed beneath the big central poem

Cockatrice Manticore
Gorgon Fåvne
Caroline Basilisk
Jormungandr Iago

The Book, Page 137

Gry notices: In the Caroline-poem there's some letters that are bigger and bolder than the rest, which together spell out "moros"


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