Joshua Trenton

Karakteren til Håvard.


Current Name: Joshua Valenzetti
Path: Moros
Order: Mysterium
Mentor: Apollo
Familiar: Meninnam
Bane: Winged Steed

Magical Tools:
Path Tool: A small coin, melted from the other 2 bullets in his body at the time of death. One side contains the pentagram, the other a short script, carved by the local head of the Mysterium.
Order Tool: A scroll containing a poem on the name Chimera, composed with Apollo's gift
Death: Teardrop-shaped crystal containing the bullet that killed him
Matter: The Wrench
Spirit: A small bone, taken from the remains of the man killed by the possessed Red, and consumed by the scrapyard ravens.

Short description
Appears as a young man in his early 20's. Favours comfortable, practical clothing, usually showing signs of wear. He's a fairly normal-proportioned guy; cleanshaved, loose cut hair, and no truly distinguishing body marks. Perhaps a bit more wiry than average. Has an mix of accents when he speaks, since he spent most of his youth moving across the country. Sometimes, he can be seen with a metal rod in his hand, as if he pretended it is a walking cane. Strapped to his back is usually a real kukri these days. At least as long as he's in the company of the rest of the Harry's Bar Crew.

Why he's in San Fran/backstory shared with other characters
Joshua had the mixed blessing of being raised by a single parent; his father Henry. His father's work demanded constant relocation, leading to all the ups and downs a young human experiences growing up under these conditions. It's obvious that he spent his childhood reading a host of books, and he followed the internet forum developemet. While not specializing in any field of interest, he's learned a surprising range of different skills. He seems to have developed a rather excellent memory, but unfortunately that is countered by him inheriting his mother's absentmindedness if not focused on a task.
Came to San Fran from Boston rather recently, where he had studied for a time.

From what he's shared of his current situation, he was brought to town by the umbrella corporation Valkyrie Inc.: Upon his fathers death, his biological mother finally made a first, surprise appearance. Sam Valenzetti; CEO, eccentric, but brilliant businesswoman. Seeming to Josh on a whim, he was placed in charge of the one of the more humble assets of the organisation; the Scrapyard, and it appears he's expected to use this to make…. something unspecified, but successfull from there. This has thrown his life into unexpected twists and turns, forcing him to adopt a new way of life, there in the Yard. It has also given him some new expectations of his immediate and long term future. (Now add the recent weirdness. I'd dread a visit to a psychiatrist if I were Josh. Did I mention he'd like to take pointers from "John" on lying with a straight face?)

Works with the old scrapheap-manager, who calls himself Red.

After the first encounter with the Moth Park dogs, he went out and bought a sturdy, many-pocketed, sleeved west, and industrial padded trousers (reinforced clothing), that he brings out if expecting trouble. Or if he's straight from work. He also purchased a secondhand coat, that in hindsight makes him look the textbook, cheap wannabee-cowboy. It has been condemned to the hindmost coathanger.
Lately he's picked up the art of mechanics. From the business end of the stick. That, in combination with the fact that he lives on the site, means a certain noticeable changes:
Cuts and scrapes; when you learn about a mechanics first hand, you aquire these by the bucketload. Josh is coming along nicely, but still sports a patch on the hands from time to time. Traces of oil on his hands clearly tell what his current occupation is, if he's not had time to clear up properly. That means most days. Sturdy boots are a must around the yard, and usually both jeans and footwear show he works outside. On the plus side he's starting to develop both a little muscle and "workers tan", that's not excatly bad.

Current status
Recent events have made him feel more self confident/pridefull, and this bleeds through inot his actions. Experiencing an actual ghost and particitating in the cleansing of the Moth Park Syccamore Tree made him rather cocky, prompting the "save the damsel"-situation. This all lead to what is now know as the "Exploding Lawyer Episode". The following string of weird events, and discovering the set of equally weird personas that now gather in Harry's Bar, is really pushing back the limits of what he considered possible.

As we were to meet up with Ann the magical girl, we got ambushed by snipers, thus starting a whole load of magical open warfare. In this engagement, Joshua Trenton was shot to death by 3 rifle bullets. After 5 minutes, the mortally wounded Florence (paradox is a bitch) realised she would die of her wounds in a few minutes (well, 40), and thus sacrificed her life to bring him back with a powerfull death spell. This also ensured his awakening on the Path of Doom.

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