Jian Li's Memories

1st adventure: Murder tree

A couple of days ago when I was in Moth park a body was found strangled. I saw a few pepole sneaking around. Later I met up with the same people and we got thrusted together as by fate. Fate put us to solve this murder! Ah yes and the other peoples names are as follows: Professor Pliskin(Did not give his first name, but learned later that it was Chris), Andrea Holm, Joshua Trenton, and the unusualy charismatic John Marbory.

After studying the history of the park we found that there had been murders there before. I immediately thought of angry spirits of the dead. But who and why? We visited the last remaining member of the Moth family, he was old and fragile. But had intresting tales about the trees trying to take him, and with the house he lives in you could almonst believe him. The house got two large trees outside, both have managed to enter the badly kept house from some angles. When we looked around on the first floor we found an old parchment on the wall, with a symbol that we all have seen before, but in different circumstances. I believe Joshua stole the parchment, I dont know why and I dont like stealing. But there you have it, not all can understand the world. I tried to say that he should return it, but he was hard on the point that it would be useful, so I shamefully let the subject go.

When we were about to leave back for San Fran we saw a small girl beckoning us before she ran into the field. We followed and was lead to a locked up well. The girl disappeared, another unrestful dead spirit? I climbed down and found a painting of the Moth family.

When we got back we did a little more research on the painting and the family, and we came to the conclusion that the ghost was the gardener and hanged in the strange tree in the park. With the help from a homeless priest (Who had written the book we found on exorsism) we started planning to exorcise the ghost.

The plan was as follows, the priest (who goes by Gray Pete) was to lead the ritual, while Andrea and I would stand guard against the ghost. I in the other realm (Spiritrealm or someplace between, not sure anymore) and Andrea with the blessed cross she got from Pete.

The plan was a success when you disregard Pliskin and me nearly dying. But the ghost is gone and Pliskin and I managed with a wee bit of help from the hospital.

2nd Adventure: Damn, they took my kidney
Got a phonecall telling me John was at the hospital. When I got there he told me his kidney was stolen, that he had woken up in a hotelroom's bathtub with the kidney missing. And that he would not give up until he got it back.
Of course the whole new 'gang' volunteered to help.

Of the police report we got little, only that these things happen and that the police would not investigate real hard. We got some photos, though! And of these I learned something; on the tub there was magical taoist markings of healing. Apparently the 'doctor' wanted his unwilling patiens to live AND he was a true taoist. Unfortunantly Zhi Da couldn't help much with this yet, even though he has lots of contacts inside the taoist society.

After a lot of investigation we traced the kidney stealing to a gang called "Red Dawn." Apparently this was not their first or second, nor 5th kidney theft. We visited the gang in a abandoned bowling house and managed to get to talk to their boss, a Mr. Fortesque. From him we got the info about a "Doc" that used the kidneys to make a new drug that this "Red Dawn" sold, though he wouldn't say more until John got the info out of him through a poker game. He has deft hands, that one! The "Doc" was a man called Manchu who worked in a local taoist drugstore in Chinatown. Looks like we tracked the magic user down.

We visited this Manchu after we got Zhi Da to tag along, only to help limit Manchu's magic, and confronted him! Then Manchu told us everything. He was using the kidneys to make drugs, true, but only the left-over parts. His true need was a special part that he primed with chi. It was a crucial component for his immortality potion. He actually managed to make one!!! And it was his hope to find out how to make the potion last more than a month and to remove the kidney as a component. This was a worthy goal, and would help humanity, and I pointed this out. Pliskin agreed but John was hard on the part that for this experimentation to continue the kidneys would be needed for a long time yet. I finally agreed with John. Though Pliskin meant that a bit of sacrefice was worth it, I had to agree with it not beeing worth hurting people for. We went back in to stop Manchu when a man stepped out of the shadow. Manchu was scared of this man who introduced himself as Narthuram and Manchu tried to escape. We stopped him in that and delivered him to Narturam when we agreed that no prison would hold him. Narturam disappeared with him after he gave us means to contact him if needed.

We also found John's kidney preserved with chi and got the doctors convinced to put it back in. With a bit of my help healing, the transplantation worked and the kidney saved.

3rd Adventure: Winter of my discontent
Pliskin visited his grandmother in an elderly home called Hillcrest, after he heard she had gotten into a coma. There was no reason for this sudden slip into coma, but Pliskin chose to let things lie for the moment even though he saw weird symbols that I identified as occult and profeticial. We also found out the place was OLD and had ties to Oracle history. But as I said, Pliskin was quiet about the important parts and it took a long time before this case was re-opened!

*Edited in months later*
Re-opening happend after we became mages and learned that Hillcrest was owned by the Seers. We went to investigate for the Consilium.

Nobel entered with Hermes to find out more, and visited the coma ward where every elder was accompanied by people with notebooks. These people scribbled down everything the comatosed patiens mumbled. There was also a psycic watcher in the Twilight. We found out later that day that the seers used these comatosed people as oracles to get orders from the Exarchs and we decided to bug and collect this information for the Guardians.

The notebooks were destroyed after the information was copied on an old typewriter, making it difficult but not impossible to bug. Then the new notes was shipped out.

When we finally got the bug equipment we installed it with a sender that stored and sent the info out once per week. so now we'll hopefully know a bit more about the Seers.

4th Adventure: In sickness and in health
Apparently Andrea's friend was supposed to marry the Kane heir, but was traded with another bride at the last moment. This made Andrea quite agitated and she sought this Kane up, since she had classes with him. She noticed that he was befuddled and could not remember anything about his earlier bride except beeing friends. So Andrea called in the troup and with a few hard words made us help investigate this private matter.

And a good thing too. The new bride had barely entered the country with her dad and some friends when they contacted the Kanes, and then she was his bride. We later found out that the Kane mistress worshipped a dark god (and had an altar IN her desk) and that the new family saw into the spiritworld. Or at least that place I can enter that shadows our own reality. I barely ecaped when some death/darkness/decay spirits attacked me.

We found out that the spirits couldn't stand light and we decided to use the same tactic on the altar. Pliskin made some flashbangs that Andrea and I was to use on the altar, and at the same time we were to stop the wedding. For that last part we had several ideas; to sabotage as much as we could during the ceremony and finally, if desperate, make John assume the role of a jealous man who already was married to the bride. All this had to be done on the ceremonial day since that was the only time 4 of us could enter without raising suspicion (Joshua had apparently gotten invitations from the family connections, and of couse Andrea got one as a friend(ish) of Kane).

On the day of the wedding we managed to sneak in and set off the flashbangs, desecrating the altar. The ceremony was hampered by lots of *strange* accidents. Some even went as far as setting some of the decorations on fire (I suspect Andrea in this) and we finally had to resort to the last plan. This made quite a bit of noise and the priest had to check before continuing the ceremony. So it was stopped for now. It was then that the spirits came, scaring the crap out of John and attacking us. The bride's 'friends' was only hollow bodies containing the spirits, and with no eyes to boot! We managed to hold the spirit ridden at bay with light in their eyes, but the bride and her Dad fought on. It ended with Pliskin making firebombs out of hard liquor and burning the spiritridden bridemaids and almost killing the bride. I tried to save her with a blanket and got some nasty burns myself when suddenly she and her dad just disappeared. Kane was now out of his bewilderment and remembering his true love, so I guess it was mission accomplished. Though I didn't like the vandalism and the almost killing of people. We also got away unnoticed in the panic and I think we got out clean.

5th Adventure: No Way Out
I dont remember just how we got involved in this one, but there was an accident in a local factory and we got suspicious of something weird! thats why we (or the others) for some reson started using the WWW to research what happend and to compare with other accidents. there was actualy a few more that could have something in common.

After we got no further we actualy got to the crime scene and investigate, we had to pretend to be inspectors. After running throught the factory and looking for clues(we split up) and a visit to the accountant and his papers we got more clues. there was fraud in the game! and someone got killed. Could this be an avenging ghost?

We found out where the gost should be and confronted it, in the night on a parking lot. There was indeed a poltergaist, and we started to excorsise it with the rituals we had learned earlier. Problem was that it was stronger than expected and it had os on a hard and falling defence when suddenly a sleepwalker(in pyjamas and all) came over to us, a short man, and started helping us in some ways! after that the ghost went down, or away to the next world, fast. But when it was all over and the wounded(me included as always *sight*) the short sleepwalker was gone, with o clue as to where he went we took whats left of the night of going home and licking our wounds. We have heard of no more accidents after that, atleast not that connected top the earlier ones! Case closed

6th Adventure: Ancestral voices Prophesying war
In which two friends happen to meet at an airport, experiencing a terrorist raid and the disappearance of a loved one, signalling the beginning of a series of chaotic and highly dangerous set of circumstances including but not limited to battles of magic, snipers, death, martyrdom, the luggage of Amelia Earhart, ancient persons manifesting in silvery light-glints, a man with digital display eyes, a tiger, a cannibal and an unnamed woman, spirits, sentient trams, a noodlepig, a psychic retired reporter, Homeland Security, a true fae on a quest, and scorpions composed of bottlecaps, all of it culminating in……well, we'll have to see, won't we?

7th Adventure: There's no place like home

8th Adventure: You're playing with the Big Boys now

8th Adventure b): The mind is its own place

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