Jennifer Pliskin

Nature: Former Sleeper, ex-Halaku, currently a Proximus
Dynasty: Arbelodivita
Fist Encountered: 2.2 "'Cause I'm Leaving on a Jetplane", where she finally tracked down her brother despite him faking his own death, and confronted him about it all.
Notable appearances: 4.6 "Body of Knowledge", where it's discovered that she is being controlled by one of the Halaku, and has been for quite some time. 5.3 "Tick-tock goes the Calendar", where Nobel finally checked in on her after paying the ransom demanded by the Corvid Host before they'd release her…and where he learned that their method of possession involved pecking out & eating the victim's eyes, leaving her blind. And seeing the future, to boot.

Description: Very pretty eyes.

Info: Sister of Chris Pliskin, daughter of Ashley Hines and Michael Pliskin.


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