List of various objects, artifacts, imbued items, relics and sundry belongings that have shown up in the campaign and might be useful to have a list of.

Imbued Items

- Amulet of the Apprentice
- Amphora of Syrah Atlantide
- Atroxi Crystals
- The Hylic Grail
- Crystal Skull
- First Scribe's Censer
- Green Dragon Crescent Spear
- Hat of Marino Faliero (literally)
- Iron Crown of New Atlantis
- Iron Crown of Ahura Mazda
- Iron Pyramid Paperweight
- Ley-Chortens of Symzonia
- Light of Revealing
- Mask of Aztlan
- Mayflower II
- Medicinal Whiskey Bottle
- Megingjörð
- Psychopomp
- Runestones
- The Shatterstar
- Siderite Sword of New Atlantis
- Silver Bowl
- Spear of Convocation
- Tiara of Denavi


- The Arc Spear
- Clock of Rasputin
- Eye of Ahriman
- Eye of Ohrmuzd
- The Hand of Nuada / The Silver Hand
- Járngreipr
- The Kalakin Engine
- Rings of Astral Unity
- Spear of Convocation
- Thor's Chariot

Enhanced Items

- Compass of Seven
- Chopsticks
- Eyes of Jennifer Pliskin
- Glass Sword
- Hedgespun Pants
- Magical Alloys
- Metachronometer
- Mjöllner
- Perfected Metals
- Spear of Convocation
- Sphinx Statuette
- The Lost Stradivarius

Grimoires & Daimonomica

- The Book of Life
- Der Reese der Selen
- Guide to the Inner Dark
- Guide to the Outer Dark
- Hávamál (extended edition)
- Hiden Gogyo Bujutsu
- The Ialdabaoth Codex
- The Inherent Majesty of Enochian Architecture
- Larke Demonde's Travels
- Lokaskviða
- Orpheus' Last Riddle
- The Passages of Avalon
- Reich's Grimoires
- The Riders of Pegasus, Volumes I, II & III
- The Sanctum Mainframe
- The Secret Hierarchy of the Diamond Wheel
- The Secret Rituals of the Necropolis
- The Tome of Power
- Via Sublimus

Letters & Notes

- The Amelia Letters
- Mordred's Letter
- Locomotive's Letter
- Polarian's Letter
- Mr. Mummer's Slips
- The Moth Parchment
- The Venice Invitation
- The Soviet Note
- Emma Hardinge-Britten's intercepted correspondence of the Drachensohnen

Books & Texts

- Book of Dead Names
- Cardenio
- Codex Ixtlilxochtli
- Cuneiform Tablet
- The Descent of Inanna
- Gutenberg Bible
- Into the Holy City
- Secrets of the Ruined Temple
- The Sherborne Anomaly
- The Tales of Iram
- Trondheim Texts
- The Book

Chimerical Items

- Adamant Vajra
- Crowbar of Half-life
- Spear of Convocation
- The Golden Gun

Item Collections

- Drake's Hoard
- Last Treasure of Iram
- Loot of Sekhet Hetepet
- Prague Auction Inventory
- Sacrificial Tools
- The Vatican Collection


- Amelia Luggage (Mundane)
- Ceremonial dagger (Mundane)
- Clue-Bat (fae Token)
- Collar of Tamas (Imbued Fetich-item…-ish)
- Dagger of the Succubus (Relic)
- Dendera Lights (Relic)
- Dýrbjóðar (Memento - 'Fetter' type)
- Gâr (Hyperborean)
- Graal (Hyperborean)
- Grail (Disambiguation)
- Scobury-Clovill camera (fae Token)
- Soul-Sarcophagus of the Neverborn (Unknown. Current guess: 'just' the produced effect of a numen)
- Statuette of Hathor (unknown)
- "The Ties That Bind" (CD) (Mundane)

Nobel's Products

- Rui-Shi's Bracers
- Coffee Machine of Tass
- Wine-bottle of 'Shape Liquid'
- Surveillance Cameras (20 of them)
- The "Electronic Monitor-Golem" computer-program
- Imbued "Imbued Item" Item
- Rings of Mana storage


By now the cabal either owns or has access to libraries (as per merit) covering a truly overwhelming number of topics. Given that it has for a good long while been problematic to remember which subjects the group can actually research and not, or just which character gets the ownership-benefits of using which library, I'd hoped we could try to make a comprehensive list here so as to make this aspect of play much easier for ST and players alike.

- Fae & Fairytales
- Norse Mythology
- Cryptids
- Recovered Records (Athenaeum)

- Underworld
- Tremere
- Immortality (Athenaeum)

- Local Awakened History
- Abyssal intrusions

- Lex Magica

Rui Shi
- Spirits

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