Path: Mastigos
Order: Failed his exams for joining Guardians, because he was too immoral. Expelled from the Arrow, for similar reasons. Now, is Apostate, and mercenary.
Encountered: P2.1 "The Fall of Constantinople"

Description: Leering crook, dressed in reinforced leathers, with facial scar over one eye socket, which almost ruined his eye. Half-long unkempt hair, stubble, nasty grin, way more daggers than you'd ever need.

Info: Grizzled bandit from Venice, trained alongside Medusa for initiation into the Guardians of the Veil, but failed their crucial test of their moral standards & ethical backbone, to wasn't allowed to join.

Tried to take the Grail, but as soon as he touched it he was sublimated into ephemera and then absorbed into the cup. Has not been seen since.

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