Îrîn - The Watchers
"It is looking at things for a long time that ripens you
and gives you a deeper understanding.
- Vincent van Gogh

Parent Path: Obrimos
Parent Order: Mysterium
Primary: Prime. Prereq: Space 1.
Secondary: Mind (2nd), Time (3rd)
Nicknames: Grigori, Scrutinizers, Voyeurs (derogatory)
Playlist: I can see for miles - The Who

Suggested Oblations: Performing observational studies (astronomy, meteorology), doing absolutely nothing but meditating on the nature of a single flower for a full hour, recording and organizing a collection or library of resonance descriptions/recordings, silently scrutinizing for hidden or cloaked spells at someone's request, confronting one's own significant deceptions or willful ignorance.

Info: Though many legacies make claims of being vastly old and to have their origins in the mythic past it is the sort of statement most mages silently accept as natural boasting never meant to be taken entirely seriously. The Watchers, however, seldom talk about their history or origins at all, having always considered it to be rather irrelevant to their daily work, and yet paradoxically the sentiment of those who know about them is that it is most likely one of the oldest legacies currently practiced.

The Îrîn, or "Watchers", focus on the most rudimentary skill every mage learns at the beginning of their apprenticeship: Scrutinizing. While less bright practitioners ridicule them for ''wasting'' their attainments and shaping their souls simply to focus on a mere Initiate-degree spell, on something as weak and easy as Mage Sight, the more intelligent among the awakened understand exactly how profound and potent this avenue of development can be.

While the Watchers have never been a big or prolific faction there have always been those who sought to pierce the veil of deception and ignorance, who wished to see the truth of things, and so the teachings have survived down through the centuries. Their ability to quickly and efficiently identify and analyze all sorts of magic, to spot concealed or hidden things and to even see behind Veiling-effects in a way normal spells cannot, has ensured that the Grigori have always been given equal parts respect and wariness in mage society.

Given that their profession tends to be rather passive and contemplative, and given that their members tend to be of the more scholarly and/or physically frail persuasion, the Îrîn have traditionally ended up as the 'cloistered hermit' sort of mages, the wise man in his tower or mountain-top, whom people must travel to in order to benefit from his insight. This is by no means required, and more than one Grigori has found a lifetime of excitement and danger working as a private detective for instance, it's something of a cultural trend within the Legacy. Indeed, in ages past when membership was stronger it wasn't uncommon for them to gather in a communal monastery of sorts, a shared sanctum for all Watchers within a larger geographical region spanning several Conciliums.

Though they are apparently forbidden to comment on most of the legacy's inner workings, it's long been an open secret that they have a vast library of recorded Resonances, commonly referred to as "The Record", which is supposedly not only accessible to every Watcher (somehow) but which is also rumored to have been continually added to since the legacy's creation. The veracity of this statement has proven difficult to test, but it remains a fact that the Watchers do keep meticulous notes of their scrutinizations and discoveries, and it's plain that they willingly share these with their Grigori brethren, which could more or less give outsiders the same impression as if they had some mythical super-library.


"To see what is in front of one’s nose
needs a constant struggle.
- George Orwell



1.Unveiled Vision: Constant "Supernal Vision" & "Omnivision", potncy=Prime. All known Arcana also added to Sight.
2.Unwatched Watchman:
●Has perma ''Unseen Spy'' variant on self: When Scrutinizes someone, reflexive Int+Subt to hide this from target's automatic Wits+Com roll to sense the observation, target needs sux>Îrîn to notice.
●Potency of attainment-Sight now equals sum of all Arcanum dots.
●Scrutiny gets +1die/Prime.
Mind 3: Can simultaneously scrutinize targets = Mind dots, & don't look weirdo while scrutinizing.
3.All–Seeing Eyes: ●Can see true resonance once Veiling-spells pierced, even if usually impossible
●Don't need 10 minutes per roll to spot cloaking spells, can manage in 1 minute per, or 1 turn for 1WP.
●For Prime 2 "cloaked" spells, don't need x2 potency to detect them, only normal potency
●Get Prime dots as bonus dice on reflexive Wits+Com roll to spot spells hidden w. Prime 2 ''cloak''
Time 4: If focuses on a single target, can do several scrutiny rolls in same turn, up to 1 per Time dot


"Pure truth no man has seen,
nor ever shall know.
- Xenophanes

1st: Unveiled Vision

Prereqs: Gnosis 3, Prime 2, Space 1 Composure 2, Occult 3, or 2 + "scrutinize" Skill Spec.
Effects: Gives continual Supernal Vision and Omnivision effect that is always on and cannot be suppressed or deactivated, even by the Watcher himself. Any Arcanum the Grigori learns automatically upgrades this attainment with their own version of the 'Mage Sight' spell, adding its effects and perceptions to the mix. The Potency of these effects are equal to the Mage's dots in Prime.


"Tell the truth, then run."
-Yugoslavian Proverb

2nd: Unwatched Watchman

Prereqs: Gnosis 5, Prime 3
Effects: While merely being attentive and focused can indeed reveal much truth about the world the fact remains that the Awakened hide the truth more often than not. And so the Watchers find they need to empower their mystical perceptions so as to see these spells of concealment and veiling that litter the occult landscape. When he gains the second attainment the potency of his attainment Mage Sights are now equal to the sum total of all his Arcanum dot ratings added together.

In addition he learns how to hide his observations from others, becoming more subtle in his actions. He gains a permanent effect as per the spell «Unseen Spy», but unlike that spell this also allows the Îrîn to avoid his target 'feeling' that he's being scrutinizing at all. The Watcher makes a reflexive roll of Int + Subterfuge against the target's customary Wits + Composure to 'feel' scrutiny. If he scores more successes than the subject of his attention then the Watcher's Sight remains undetected.

Optional Arcanum: Mind 3
Can scrutinize a number of resonances each turn equal to Mind dots. In addition, he no longer shows the normal signs of scrutinizing something: No intense and piercing stare or vacant expression.


"If you would be a real seeker after truth,
you must at least once in your life doubt,
as far as possible, all things.
-René Descartes

3rd: All–Seeing Eyes

Prereqs: Gnosis 7, Prime 4
●Can see true resonance once cloaking spells pierced, even when normally impossible
●Don't need 10 minutes per roll to spot Veiling spells, only 1 min per, or 1 turn per for 1WP.
●For Prime 2 "cloaked" spells, don't need x2 potency to detect them, only normal potency
●Get dice = Prime on reflexive Wits + Com roll to spot spells hidden with Prime 2 ''cloak''

Optional Arcanum: Time 4
By focusing all his attention on a single resonance the Watcher can see the truth of it in a fraction of the time it would normally take. He can roll for scrutiny a number of times equal to his rating in Time in a single round. This requires him to focus solely on this single task, though, which means he cannot scrutinize anything else at the same time.


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