Indigatros Veritas

Known Members: Babel, Mycroft, Polydegmon and Polarian
Sanctum: None (as a cabal, but several have personal ones)
Rights: Crossing, Emeritus, Hospitality, Sancturary
Motto: Sine scientia, ars nihil est

Info: Formed after the Lich-war, by mages who no longer had surviving cabals to belong to, and who had roughly compatible interests and/or magical work (the finding of truth and facts, questing for answers, especially about past events). Are known to have never really worked properly as a 'cabal', not managing to unite and work together in that way, remaining little more than a collection of politically allied wizards.


Polydegmon%2010.jpg Polarian%2014.jpeg
Polydegmon Polarian
Npcportrait.jpg Babel%2004.jpg
Mycroft Babel


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