Adept of Spirit, Disciple of Prime, Apprentice of Forces

Real Name: Marion Campell (legally speaking she's now "Marion McIntire")
Path: Obrimos
Order: Mysterium
Legacy: Thrice-Great
Cabal: The Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra
Position: Provost
Mentor: Antropos
Apprentices: Pythia, Polarian
Nimbus: Shining images of the zodiac animals orbit her, both western & eastern
Magical Style: Syncretism of western & eastern astrology, plus Taoism
Occupation: Runs the local branch of a book publishing firm (Religion, Theology, Mythology, and other belief-systems)

Path: Gold, steel & jade wand, which she uses along with identical matching copy to tie up her hair
Order: Strophados-globe engraved with detailed star charts
Spirit: Traditional chinese flute
Prime: Emerald-and-jade brooch shaped like opening lotus

Info: Seemed to be the one you contact when you'd prefer not to speak directly to the "Mysterium General". That means most of the time… That is of course because she's his wife.

Her own grand project for many years now has been to merge the western and the eastern Zodiac systems into a united whole, in a way which preserves the value and ideas of both, is internally and externally consistent, corresponds with empirical evidence, and still manages to provide practical results in real-life applications. She's confident that she'll manage to iron out the remaining issues in less than three years or so.

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