Barsoom - The human ideas of Mars
Hermes - "Just because I incinerated New York I get a dark grey hat?"

Stratum: Temenos
Nature: Astral Realm
First Appearance: 2.1 "Son, your mind has been transported back in time. And to Mars."
See also: ●The Planet of Mars, ●The Spirit of Mars


Scientific Mars: The accumulated scientific knowledge and observations about the planet, making this both the most accurate version and perhaps the most inhospitable, though there are separate sub-realms representing each different view astronomers have had about the planet in the past.

Sci-Fi Mars: Closest to the scientific ones are found the "hard" science-fiction ideas and fictions, about bleak colonies or small domed cities trying to establish themselves on the inhospitable landscape, but as one gets "further away" one will find all the ways mars has been portrayed in science fiction works, from a fully terraformed 'new earth' to red-tinged technological planet-metropolis, and back again.

Martian Invasion: These sub-realms often surprise visitors, who find themselves on earth instead of on an alien planet, but these are all the ways human fiction have portrayed martian aliens invading or assaulting humanity, from the comedy of "mars attacks" to the grim attitude and tripods from "war of the worlds". It's up to the travelers to decide whether or not to be part of the invading forces or part of the human population (which always somehow ends with them helping the inevitable effort to fight back). Can technically be seen as just a subset of the "sci-fi" worlds.

Heroic Mars: These are all the more fantastical renditions of what the planet is like, from the sand-and-sandals "john carter" series to the wildest of pulp-action with dinosaurs-chases. Can be seen as the 'fantasy' counterpart to the 'sci fi' one, or the midway-point between sci-fi and mythic ranges. These worlds are dominated by sword-swinging champions, daring rescues, rebellions against tyranny, and classical heroics in general.

Mythic Mars: While not as prevalent as legends about the sun or moon, there is mythology pertaining to the red planet. From the roman god it's named and the greek god which influenced him, to the war-gods of numerous other cultures across the world, they can all be found here, along with the scant few fables that describe mars, though they seldom resemble the physical planet except by coincidence.


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