Hyperborean Tools

During his studies into the prehistoric ''barbarian'' civilizations Nobel came to recognize several key icons or symbols from what has been uncovered of Hyperborean culture which seemed to match up with the strange tools he and the Cabal developed during their experimentation with ''Alter History'' in Trondheim. It would seem that these ideas are somehow roughly correspondent to the Atlantean figures of ''wand'', ''pentagram'', ''mirror'', and so on, as they could possibly serve as Dedicated Tools in a similar capacity.

In accordance with the basic premise of Hyperborean thought these always exist in pairs, each set based on a shared type of duality. They are as follows:

Hyperborean%20Tools%20-%20Rope.gif ◄► Hyperborean%20Tools%20-%20Axe.gif Hyperborean%20Tools%20-%20Spear.gif ◄► Hyperborean%20Tools%20-%20Basin.gif
Rope "Uniting" ◄► "Dividing" Axe Spear "Sending"
◄► "Containing"
Chisel "Precision" ◄► "Force" Hammer Sword "Conflict" ◄► "Concord" Crown
Hyperborean%20Tools%20-%20Chisel.gif ◄► Hyperborean%20Tools%20-%20Hammer.gif Hyperborean%20Tools%20-%20Sword.gif ◄► Hyperborean%20Tools%20-%20Crown.gif


Typically even the symbols themselves reflected the duality principle, like the types of axe, hammer and sword all being two-sided. These would be the most recognizable depictions Nobel has identified thus far, though of course they're highly stylized, and other representations and illustrations could vary wildly.

Quite apart from the Convocation-episode where their own Dedicated Tools were exchanged for some of these, the Cabal has also come across several depictions, models and/or instances of these before. Thus far they've identified the following:

Dua%27ath%20Array004.jpg MjollnirArray01.png MjollnerPommel02.jpg
Dua'ath Mjølnir Array Mjølnir
Moth%20Parchment.jpg?y=0&x=500 P1040952.jpg
The Moth Parchment Black Pook p64
The Grail of Galahad

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