The Houses Of Tremere
Name Focus Rank
Lazarus Studying, manipulating and healing the Soul, and related phenomena Greater
Vrykolaka Conquering in the face of adversity; benefiting from your struggles Greater
Koschiei Exploring and mastering the Tremere powers; using magic to govern/rule Greater
Faustus Making deals, preying solely on victims willing to agree to their feeding Lesser
Ammit Targeting only those who deserve what they get; redemption through acts of Justice Lesser
Azrael Exploiting faith; capitalizing on the various beliefs in an afterlife or the lack thereof Lesser
Atman Aeternus Becoming a valid alternative to the Pentacle Abberation

House Azrael

Parent House: Lazarus
The first Minor House, with its Progenitor being murdered shortly after its inception for his audacity to create a rival organization opposed to the original three Great Houses, or by jealous rivals seeking to usurp his power and position in the new House, or both. Focused on exploiting faith, religions and the despair and need for alternatives many face when their beliefs are shattered. Talked about the eternal void, the blackness of the grave, the fires of hell, and then claimed to have the only way of avoiding it all, clinging to this mortal coil. Also developed the blackmailing technique of stealing the souls of family or significant others, popularizing it among other Tremere. Started as more or less a cult of personality, became sinister mystery-religion-esque worshippers of the 'Angel of Death', symbolically at least, operating like a secret mafia with espionage expertise.

House Ammit

Parent House: Vrykolaka
Claims to have moral superiority because they restrict their predation solely to those people who deserve it, acting as self-appointed punishers for crimes and violations that would otherwise see the perpetrator go free. Their manifesto claims that through such acts of retribution and cosmic justice they achieve redemption for the sin of their own existence. They have been known to develop certain gluttonous tendencies in regards to souls, an are among the Liches most focused on the act and nature of the soul-consuming itself, the process and its particulars, and the sheer exhilarating experience it is for them. Often recruits addicts and other such broken people who feel they have past misdeeds they need to pay for.

House Faustus

Parent House: Koschiei
Youngest of all the Tremere factions that have been awarded full House status, but that was only barely. Looked down on by the older and more entrenched Tremere, in large part because they have developed alternative attainments instead of using the traditional ones. At the most basic this means that for them the act of stealing someone's soul becomes instant and uncontested, if the victim gives the Lich express permission to do so. This is customarily done by signing a legal document to that effect, a contract which can then function as a Soul Jar for the soul in question.

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