Houseruled Spells

The spells I've houseruled for this campaign of Mage: The Awakening, and the (currently) final decisions on how they'll work here. It should be noted that some of these are based on the ''Unofficial Errata'' given by the writers and editors of the game itself, and when in doubt I've compared it with the LARP-adaptation book for mage, which was partially used to insert corrections for errors in original Mage corebook.


Published Spells

Fate Spells


Action: Instant (and NOT ''extended, but only 1 turn per roll" )
Effects: While the spell is active, the target can analyze perceived subjects by rolling the given dice pool as an extended task, until they lose concentration and thereby ending the spell's effects. As always, max number of rolls in one analysis is equal to dice in base pool.

2.Heroic Effort

Duration: Prolonged, or until expended
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: 1 Mana

2.Swearing an Oath

Duration: Lasting, or until concluded

4.Sanctify Oath

Duration: Lasting, or until concluded

Life Spells

2.Body Control

Effects: The benefits are capped by your dots in the Life Arcanum. That is, the separate effects (such as ''need less oxygen'', ''heals Bashing faster'', ''boost initiative'', etc) can't be chosen more than once per Life dot, each.

Matter Spells

3.Alter Integrity

Duration: Prolonged (One Scene)

3.Increase Toxicity

Optional: Life
Effects: The increase in Toxicity is capped by your dots in the Matter Arcanum. By adding Life component you can increase the venom of a living being, but then the cap is the lower of your Matter and Life Arcana.

4.Reconfigure Object

Duration: Prolonged (One Scene)

5.Self-Repairing Machine

Duration: Advanced Prolongation (One Scene)

Mind Spells

3.Diplomat's Protection

Anyone wishing to initiate violence against you during the spell's duration need to roll Resolve + Gnosis - 1 per Potency, to a maximum penalty equal to your dots in the Mind Arcanum. If they fail they are unable to follow through with the attack they attempted. If they succeed they can freely ignore the spell from then on. One roll is allowed per attempted attack. If the person protected by the spell engages in violence in any way (dodging is permitted) the spell immediately ends.

Prime Spells

5.Dead Zone

Optional: Spirit 2 and/or Death 2
Duration: Prolonged (one scene)
Effect: Each level of potency levies a -1 penalty on all spellcasting rolls and dice pools while within the area, to a maximum penalty equal to the caster's dots in Prime. The caster can choose whether successes scored on the casting go towards area/radius as in the core book, or whether they are spent on increasing Potency instead.

In addition to this no Mana can be acquired by any means while within the area, whether from the location and its contents or drawn into the location, such as by sympathetic spells. This denial includes (but is not limited to) Prime magic, Hallows, Legacy oblations and edible Tass. A mage within the Dead Zone is in no way prevented from spending the Mana currently in his personal stores, he cannot replenish those without leaving the Zone's area of effect. While in an active Dead Zone a Hallow does not reduce a spell's Mana cost by 1.

By adding Spirit or Death to the casting the spell also prevents the regaining of Essence or Plasm, respectively. As ephemeral creatures of pure energy this causes the relevant beings to suffer the same bonus as spellcasting in the area, but on all their deliberate actions while remaining within the Dead Zone.
(ST notes: This is based not only on my own ideas, but also on the officially published LARP-ruleset for mage)

Space Spells


Duration: Lasting
Effects: Does not require location to be remotely viewed.

2.Follow Through

Even at advanced prolongation factors, Indefinite duration is not possible. Each success above 4 simply adds another month to the maximum time elapsed since the conduit was formed. Also, this spell does not re-open the portal or gate, it merely allows the caster to step through it. It requires +1 arcanum dot to affect others, which stacks with that required for increased duration. As stated in the spell, sympathetic penalties still apply.

Spirit Spells

1.Coaxing the Spirit

Ritual-casting is capped to a maximum number of successes equal to your base pool for the spellcasting.

4.Grant Familiar

Duration: Lasting

5.Shape Spirit

Duration: Uses the Advanced Prolongation factors (according to the semi-official developer's errata)

Time Spells

1.Perfect Timing

Ritual-casting is capped to a maximum number of successes equal to your base pool on the spell.

5.Rewrite History

Can do Physical Attribute –> Mental Attribute, but not Physical Attribute –> Physical Skill

5.Save Point

Action: Extended
Duration: Prolonged, or until expended
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: 10 Mana
Effect: Counts as spell on your own pattern. Successes dedicated to Duration factors are capped by the lower of your Time and Gnosis ratings. As normal with spells, if more than one of this spell is cast on someone at the same time, only one of them remains active. It cannot rewind to before any period in which it was rendered inactive. It's not possible to have two Save Points within 24 hours of each other, which means that once you've rewound time you must wait 24 hours to cast it again.

Any Arcanum

5.Create Demesne

Duration: Uses the Advanced Prolongation factors


Spell Practices

This (probably) won't have major impact on the mechanics, but it's easier to focus on this aspect of the game if it actually makes proper sense first. So here's my personal changes to the listed Practices:

The Core Book

  • The Evil Eye: Fraying
  • Bestow Exceptional Luck: Ruling
  • Superlative Luck: Perfecting
  • Sever Oaths: Unraveling; Patterning when rearranging own Oath parameters
  • Break the Chains: Unmaking


  • Call Lightning: Fraying
  • Control Electricity: Ruling and Fraying
  • Control Fire: Perfecting or Fraying, depending on use
  • Light Mastery: Perfecting or Fraying, depending on use
  • Sound Mastery: Perfecting or Fraying, depending on use
  • (Bestow) Burst of Speed: Perfecting
  • Friction Knife: Unraveling
  • Control Gravity: Patterning


  • Two Faces: Veiling
  • Many Faces: Veiling
  • Hone Another's Form: Perfecting
  • Trigger the Lizard Brain: Patterning


  • Alter Integrity: Perfecting or Fraying, depending on use
  • Armor Piercing: Weaving
  • Alter Efficiency: Perfecting
  • Annihilate Matter: Unraveling
  • Alter Size: Making or Unmaking, depending on use


  • First Impressions: Compelling
  • Aura Cloak: Veiling
  • Imposter: Veiling
  • Read the Depths: Unveiling
  • Supreme Augmentation: Perfecting
  • Psychic Reprogamming: Making or Unmaking, depending on use


  • Activate Enchanted Item: Ruling
  • Armor of the Soul: Shielding


  • Ward: Shielding
  • Multispatial Perception: Weaving
  • New Threads: Perfecting
  • Portal Key: Weaving
  • Suspension: Patterning
  • Hide Space: Unmaking
  • Shrink/Expand: Unmaking/Making, respectively


  • Spirit Tongue: Unveiling
  • Exorcism: Fraying
  • Greater Spirit Summons: Ruling
  • Restore Lost Soul: Perfecting
  • Grant Familiar: Weaving
  • Control Gauntlet: Making or Unmaking, depending on use
  • Materialize Spirit: Patterning


  • Perfect Timing: Compelling
  • Glimpsing the Future: Ruling
  • Shifting Sands: Fraying
  • Chrono's Curse: Unraveling
  • Temporal Stutter: Unraveling
  • Future Legacy: Unmaking

From Supplement Books
Atonement: Unmaking of Death
Forensic Invisibility: Veiling of Death
Tangle the Threads: Shielding of Fate
Alternate Scenario: Time spell, not Fate
Palsy: Fraying of Life
Accelerate Healing: Perfecting of Life
Vital Balance: Perfecting of Life
Inconspicuous Object: Veiling of Mind
Lashes of Fire: Unraveling of Mind
Diplomat's Protection: Shielding of Mind
False Signature: Veiling of Prime
Otherworldly Armory: Patterning of Spirit
Cowing the Spirit: Compelling of Spirit
Ephemeral Image: Veiling of Prime

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