Houseruled Legacies

The Legacies I've houseruled for this campaign of ''Mage: The Awakening'', and the (currently) final decisions on how they'll work here.

Minor Edits

Mechanical Details

Daoine: First attainment: Can use more than 1/day, but costs +1M/times used on target since last moonrise
Orphans of Proteus: Can have life and matter attainments, don't need to choose one or the other
Pygmalian Society: Second optional attainment (rewind): 1st use in scene is free, rest cost 1 Mana
Singers in Silence: Second Attainment: Living people roll their Com+G, and need sux ≥ Death dots
Sphinx: Second attainment gives 8-agains, not 9-agains.
Stewards of the Celestial Orrery: First attainment is ''Worst Moment'', not ''Shield of Chronos'', dice pool of Wits + Investigation + Time – Temporal Sympathy, takes 30 min of work & consulting the stars to perform, but can benefit from tools & bonuses (star charts, telescope, knowing target's birth date, etc). Tells you when the best time to perform an action is, tactically, lets you inflict situation penalties one your opponents, up to 1 die per success within that scene, if you planned accordingly.
Votaries of the Ordained: First attainment lets them attune to a number of charges = Fate dots


Missing Themes and Concepts Added

Lords of the Inanimate: A shinto-legacy, with teachings and philosophy focusing on conversing with the Kami, the inner sentient spirit, which resides in all physical items.
Reality Stalkers: Labyrinths and mazes, whether multicursal or with just one single path, both minoan and celtic, from modern day to bronze age and back again. Walking the twisting roads as meditation, dervish-like, in order to reach trance state wherein Space is understood more fully. Their mastery at 'follow through' is symbolically same as encountering the ''ariadne thread'' of someone else who's already walked the labyrinth and following the ''strand'' to where they went. Also use Labrys imagery, both for the bifurcation fallacy and to indicate the gordian way Legacy members eventually realize they don't need to obey the rigid limits of spatial relations.
Bene Ashmedai:
Neocologists: Bioremediation, the use of biological processes to repair ecologial damage, but employing nature-spirits instead. In real life, for example, they use a special types of fungus to not only remove oil spills but also restoring some of the harm it's inflicted. Similarly, Neocologists can 'transplant' the power and traits nature-spirits in order to help the environment, both mundane and magical.


Homebrewed Legacies

Shepherds of Night:
Tamers of Ice:
Knights of the Grail:
Riders of Pegasus:
Tamer of Trees:
Tamers of Rain:


Major Edits


1st: Dreaming Doorway

Prerequisites: Gnosis 3, Mind 2 (Primary)
Can enter the Astral Planes from anywhere, not just from a Hallow or Demesne, but can't reach deeper than the Temenos in this way. Also receive the benefits of «Meditative Mind», but only in relations to entering or operating in the Astral.

2nd: Meme Complex

Prerequisites: Gnosis 5, Mind 3
As per «Multi-Tasking», lets you perform 3 extended Mental actions or two instant Mental actions simultaneously, as mind creates sub-personalities to perform the additional tasks. These are usually little more than semi-independent hallucinations, yet while inside the Imagineer's own Oneiros others can encounter and interact with them directly as actual Astral Beings. They're employed to carry out these mental tasks “on their own.” They often have different individual shadow names and personalities, but they are not truly independent entities, being simply aspects of the mage’s self.

Also gets to add ''Crafts'' to the Wits+Composure rolls for entering and navigating the Astral Realms, with the notable exception of the Dreamtime, given that it's by definition removed from the human imagination and frame of reference.

Optional Arcanum: Spirit 3
Can grant ''Ideological Attack'' numen to artwork as long as it represents/corresponds to an astral domain/location/being/item of the idea/concept/emotion to be imposed by that numen. Roll Presence + [expression or crafts, depends on type]+[lowest of Mind and Spirit] - sympathetic link to the astral original (mage must have encountered it himself at least once, described is not sufficient). Each success allows for one use of the Numen, which is also the Mana cost.

3rd: Manifest Idea

Prerequisites: Gnosis 7, Mind 4
Give «Possession» numen to an Astral Being, works much like the «spirit possession» spell (mage core p253), but with a dice pool of Intelligence + Expression + Mind.

Optional Arcanum: Spirit 4
(Under construction)



1st: Teisara-Akh

Prerequisites: Gnosis 3, Life 2 (Primary), Space 1, Occult
Get benefit as per ''Body Control'', can have active for as long as wanted, turn on/off reflexively. Potency = Life. Also grows a third eye in the back of the head, functions as ''Omnivision'', and all sight-based perception spells work through it

2nd: The Androgyne Condition

Prerequisites: Gnosis 5, Life 3
Body changes into the androgyne shape, which breeds true, and can change into male and female versions of themselves as instant action. Also gains effect similar to life 3 spell ''Body Mastery'', potency = Life dots, always active.

Optional Arcanum: Time 2
Can use third eye to learn about the past events that hape taken place in a location. This isn't witnessed directly, but the Daksha see it as a written description hanging in thin air, in High Speech. Gets potency equal to Time dots, but these are reduced by -1 for each step down from ''Sensory'' on the ''Temporal Sympathy'' chart (not the usual penalty listed, but steps down). At Time 2 this covers 1 turn per potency, but at time 3 it gives potency in minutes, and at time 4 this is multiplied by 10.

3rd: Homo Superior

Prerequisites: Gnosis 7, Life 4
As per ''Supreme Honing'', spending an instant action to distribute dots equal to Life arcanum among Physical Attributes, lasts 1 scene. Can stack with Spell boosting these Attributes, but the spell then has a duration of Transitory.

Optional Arcanum: Time 3
Can use third eye to read the future from the Akashic Record, knowing what will come to pass as per the spell ''Divination''. As before this isn't witnessed directly but perceived as a description written in High Speech hanging in thin air. Gets potency equal to Time dots, but these are reduced by -1 for each step down from ''Sensory'' on the ''Temporal Sympathy'' chart (not the usual penalty listed, but steps down). Can be used only once per target per 24 hour period.



1st: Barrier Breaking

Prerequisites: Gnosis 3, Spirit 2 (Primary), Life 1
As per ''Spirit Tongue'' and ''Peer across the gauntlet''. Always in effect, and works both ways: They see spirits and spirits see them.

Additionally, the mage also gains a particular awareness of the spirits of living beings. He senses the health of a scraggly tree in an urban blight zone and the vitality of a wolf that’s stalking him; he senses anomalies or overlapping of spiritual “signatures” if there are two spirits in one body (as in the case of an embryo or other parasites).

2nd: Spirit's Caress

Prerequisites: Gnosis 5, Spirit 3
This works similarly to the life 3 spell ''transfer median features'', except that the Neocologist transfers a symbolic ''trait'' from a spirit to a physical object or living being, giving it a non-physical 'Feature' based on what the spirit represents, making the item or creature act or function more akin to the spirit's nature. This requires that such a spirit is actually present and touching the target.
Just as it can be difficult to adjudicate what mechanical effect it has to transfer wasp venom or photosynthesis with the Life-version, deciding on the exact effects when imposing Features from a spirit is often tricky. For instance the Feature might cause an item to behave more ''wolfishly'' and be hard to control, or run in packs.
This attainment lasts for 1 scene, can affect human targets, and transfers 1 Feature per Spirit dot.

Optional Arcanum: Life 3
With this a living target can also change to gain physical traits from a spirit, much as the original Life-spell in fact. It's possible to get an armor rating from a turtle-spirit, for instance, or grow fangs when touched by a wolf-spirit. This mostly follows the rules of ''Transfer Median Features'' for actual game mechanics effect.

Optional Arcanum: Matter 3
With this an object can also change to gain physical traits from a spirit, such as changing color, become more or less aerodynamic, growing armor plating, emit a threatening noise, and so on. Once more, this follows similar guidelines as ''Transfer Median Features'' when it comes to mechanical effects, though applied to objects instead. As a rule it can't give or increase functionality beyond a dice pool bonus equal to dots in Matter.

3rd: (No name given)

Prerequisites: Gnosis 7, Spirit 4
As per the ''Create Fetish'' spell, but can't bind spirits with more Rank than character's Spirit dots. This can be done as an instant or extended action, depending on the character's wishes, with a dice pool of Manipulation + Persuasion + Spirit – Rank (if unwilling) vs Resistance (if unwilling), requiring successes equal to the spirit's Rank to work. If extended, each extra success can be spent on giving Fetish access to 1 dot of influence or 1 numen which the bound spirit knows, or be used to increase the Duration. With spirit 5 this Attainment benefits from Advanced Prolongation. If used as an instant spell it automatically has 1 scene duration and influence/Numina equal to Spirit dots.

Optional Arcanum: Life 4
Can not only turn a non-magical living being into a Fetish, but this also gives the 'host' a number of physical Features equal to the Spirit's Rank for as long as the spirit is bound to them in this way. The creature can roll Resolve to resist, and its successes are added to those of the spirit (if any).

Optional Arcanum: Matter 4
An object turned into a Fetish develops physical Features equal to the Spirit's Rank, usually rather obvious ones, for as long as it remains a Fetish item. A motorcycle infused with a Lighnting spirit could glow and give off sparks and electrocute anyone who tried to steal it, for instance, while one given a plant spirit turns green and needs no fuel beyond sunlight during the day, and so on.

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