House Vrykolaka

One of the three Major Tremere Houses


The Founding Lineage



Title: Progenitor
Apprentice: Lord Vanth
Consorts/Concubines: Stheno, Euryale, Agrippa

Lord Vanth

Title: Primogen
Mentor: Vrykolaka
Apprentice: Tzimisces
Death: Killed during Victorian age, during power-struggle with the Guardians 'running' the British Empire.

Stheno & Euryale

Title: Consorts
Mentor: Vrykolaka
Apprentices: Unclear, but managed to create the Proximus family now known as the Strigoaică, having long called themselves the ''Sisters Strigoi'' anyway.
Death: Killed in a desperate attempt by the local populace to end the plagues that were endlessly devastating their society.


Title: Consort / apprentice
Mentor: Vrykolaka
Apprentices: None
Death: Refused to allow Vrykolaka to pass the Tremere Affliction on to her, and for refusing his glorious gift of power and eternal life she was summarily slaughtered on the spot.


Mentor: Lord Vanth


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