House Koschiei

One of the three Major Tremere Houses


The Founding Lineage



Title: Progenitor
Students: Vărkolak, Persephone
Death: The historic records of both the Atlantean Orders and the Tremere Houses tell the story of how a young woman from a peasant village set out to slay Koschiei for all the evils he and his followers had inflicted on her community after declaring themselves Gods of Death and enforcing their rule. But since she not only lacked any sort of magic or enlightenment or powers, came from a poor peasant-family, had no book-learning, and in addition happened to be a mere woman, the mighty Koschiei never even gave her a second thought, seeing her as no threat whatsoever. Which was just what the desperate Order-mages had counted on when they blessed her with a destiny to slay the would-be god, and gifted her with many enchanted treasures and tools and weapons, thereby letting her come close enough to succeed in her quest.

But upon thorough review of the secret documents of the elder Liches the PC's learned that this wasn't exactly how events had played out, for Koschiei was already dead when the young woman arrived at his wizard's tower, having been assassinated the night before. Though the culprit was never identified it was clear that they knew enough of the old man's wards, defenses, powers and habits to get close, forcing the Liches of the day to conclude that it was an inside job. Not wishing to appear weak and in order to avoid the shame of this fact being know, they animated the corpse as a shambling creature and made the approaching 'hero' do battle with it, thereby thinking she had vanquished the legendary sorcerer.


Title: Primogen
Master: Koschiei
Students: Baš Čelik, Śmierć, Telyavel
Death: Killed during the chaos of the Napoleonic wars
Though he was in no way close to being an occult genius like his master Vărkolak's talents lay instead in cunning and planning and looking at what lay ahead, and so it was he who first realized the problems with each other which the Liches would eventual develop. In response he came up with and popularized the idea which became the 'Houses', and it was he who shaped the internal organization of Lich society into the hierarchical, controlling and sinister form it has today.

While his master may have unlocked the great magical powers which would in time allow their House so much clout it would have been impossible if Vărkolak hadn't been there to make sure there was an actual support structure and Lich-society for them both to work with, and he is recognized by Tremere historians as the true 'creator' of the actual House Koschiei as an organization, from recruitment to training to housing to resources to public relations and upholding secrecy.


Title: Primogen, when she is included in the lineages
Master: Koschiei
Students: Giltinė, Marzena
While she is assumed by most historians to have probably been a scullery maid or other such servant at first, since she was not a relative and yet already present in Koschiei's household when he took in Vărkolak and began to tutor his famous prodigy, it is still a matter of debate on how long it took before she herself developed magical talent, for the writings of Vărkolak are silent on this topic. It's assumed she picked it up along the way, maybe by listening in on his lessons, as it's fairly certain that she's the one who inducted two later women into the House and Legacy. As she was presumably present during the formative years of the organization and so undoubtedly assisted with what she could she is often accorded the status of Primogen by some scholars, though there is scant little source material which mentions her doing anything of much import.

Baš Čelik

Master: Vărkolak
Was one of the two Liches instrumental in making the deal with the Doge of Venice involving the Hat of Marino Faliero.


Master: Vărkolak


Master: Vărkolak
Students: Ankous


Master: Persephone


Master: Persephone
Students: Baba Yaga


Master: Telyavel

Baba Yaga

Master: Marzena


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