The Seven House Elves of Bolevile Mansion

Nature: Fae; (hob)goblins
Encountered: 2.5 "More than a thousand words"

Description: Small beings reminiscent of the helpful brownies and similar from fairytales, with archaic clothing and strange hats atop fuzzy-haired heads. Yet they seemed to be more like tiny mobile pieces of furniture, perfect camouflage inside a home, and their grins were wider than is possible in a humanoid skull. Had the power to grow larger in preparation for an attack, and ate chunks out of the tables and chairs and couch to reconstitute themselves.

Info: Creatures used by Lady Bolevile as attack-beasts during the assault on the cabal and attempted abduction of skadi. Were commanded in the field by her trusted butler Sleekvoice the Undeniable.

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