Homeland Security, Paranormal Division (HS:PD)

Nature: Secret branch of a government agency
First Encountered: 1.6 "Ancestral Voices Prophesying War", where they showed up at the airport, apparently kidnapped Mr. Mummer, and tried to glean information from several of the PC's.
Notable Appearances: 1.8 "You're playing with the big boys now", where they kidnapped Zhi-Da. Also the Newmarket-affair, and the Aswang-incident.
Known Headquarters: Ultima Sheets, HSPD Installation

Info: The world is filled with unnatural creatures, forces and phenomena which threaten the lives and well-being of American citizens yet which the mundane authorities know nothing about, little more have the ability to protect their constituents from. In response there is the Paranormal Division of Homeland Security, supposedly created after the significant internal reorganizations that took place after 9/11, in which all the various "strange and unexplained" groups from each division were combined into one shared unit: The HS:PD. Rather than every branch and agency filing their troublesome clashes with the supernatural away in their separate corners a new centralized body was formed, with the highest possible level of secrecy covering their existence and affairs. Existing agents with useful experience in these fields, or who had unnatural powers of their own, were transferred here and set to work protecting Americans from the horrors hiding in their midst.

In reality, though, it would seem that they have also been collecting and probably brainwashing people with various supernatural abilities. It turns out that the division is lead by a group of immortals calling themselves the Board of Directors, this being part of their various schemes to oppose the menace they've dubbed The Collector, of whom they know nothing. HS:PD itself was to be an army to counter the Collector's army of mages, whom the Eye of the Storm have come to strongly suspect are the liches known as Atman Aeternus.

Known Members

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