Hilbert's Hotel

Nature: Temenos-location
First Encountered: 4.6 "Body of Knowledge", where the hotel was mentioned to Dorian through his father's writing.
First Visited: 4.7 "All the King's Mages and All the King's Men..."

Description: A clean but sparse (seemingly European) 1970s-style hotel, which had an infinite number of rooms occupied by an infinite number of guests, and is in fact the astral manifestation of the hypothetical Hilbert's Hotel paradox in mathematics. The "hotel" is a famous way to illustrate in fairly understandable ways many of the impossibilities encountered when dealing with infinity.

This is why Quetzalcoatl arranged to have his meeting with the cabal here, as the logical paradox of crossing the distance from room 1 to room ∞ causes all sorts of havoc with surveillance and remote meddling. Given the sensitivity of the topics at hand, and the problems it'd cause if other Seers (or pentacle members) could eavesdrop, this was but one of several methods of obfuscation and security set up by Quetzalcoatl.

How it works: In the 'story', the hotel has an infinite amount of rooms. Within the Astral, spatial sympathy closeness becomes actual physical distance, for example getting from China to the USA is listed as a ''Described'' link, -10 penalty. Room ∞ would be infinitely far away, which means it should be impossible to reach….yet one version of the 'story' is about guests getting moved from room to room until some end up in room ∞ before the evening is over, so playing out the narrative will land you there. Therefore reaching it with spatial sympathy is tricky if you don't know how, yet you can walk there without much trouble if you're familiar with the parable, making it a room you need to be on-site to spy on.


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