Hiden Gogyo Bujutsu - "Secret Transmission of Fivefold Elemental Martial Arts"

Nature: Grimoire

Original Author: Sun Bin, Sun the Mutilated (Arrow member of 4th century BC)

Description: A collection of six scrolls of thin yellowed paper, each kept in eel-skin cylinders reinforced with brass rings, which reside in a black lacquered cabinet. There are slots or shelves for 10 scrolls here, indicative of the scrolls' incompleteness. The text itself is written in dark purple ink forming 15th-century kanji, with high speech runes subtly blended into the normal writing, while artistic yet informative illustrations and diagrams interrupt the text from time to time.

Merit: Tendogakure Hyoho ••• (“Hidden Divine Providence Strategy”)
Prerequisites: Awakened only; Must also have studied the grimoire and internalized its techniques and disciplines.
Effect: Benefit from permanent natural effect identical to "Occlude Destiny", with a potency equal to Composure

Merit: Tetsujin Undo Hyoho •••• (“Iron Person Body Strategy”)
Prerequisites: Must have learned the “Cleanse the Body,” “Body Control,” “Self-Healing,” and “Self-Purging” rotes from this Grimoire.
Effect: Benefit from permanent natural effect identical to "Organic Resilience", but now body also requires daily consumption of 1 Mana in order to sustain itself. Can't benefit from other Life spells that grant armor beyond this.


Rote Spell Dice pool Type Lvl Traits
Cleanse the Body Sta + Med Life L
Body Control Com + Ath Life •• +1BF
Self-Healing Dex + Med Life •• L1M
Self-Purging Sta + Med Life •• EL
Coaxing the Spirits Man + Soclz Spirit
Spirit Tongue Pres + Soclz Spirit
Peer Across the Gauntlet Wits + Occ Spirit ••
Greater Spirit Summons Pres+Pers
-Rank vs R
Spirit ••• V
Numinous Shield Sta + Occult Spirit •••
Ryutora no Jutsu Living Land Int + Intim Spirit
Arashi Waza Kinetic blow Str+Brwl/Wep Forces •• V
Unseen Shield Sta + Occult Forces ••
Karumijutsu Floating Step Res + Ath Forces ••• V
Shikake Strike in the Perfect Moment Com + Wpnry Time •••
Tenshin Heiho Sense Strength and Weakness Int + Invest Fate ••• L

E = Extended, V = Vulgar, L = Lasting, BF = Bonus Factors. Assume Instant, Covert and Prolonged otherwise


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