Helios - The Spirit of the Sun

Nature: Celestine - Spirit God of astronomical scope & power
Also Known As: Uth, Sol, The Sun, Ra, Amaterasu, Aten, Hyperion, Tonatiuh, among others
PURVIEWS:THE SUN, ●Light, ●Power, ●Glory, ●Righteousness, ●Virtue, ●Truth, ●Perfection/Purity, ●Fire, ●Enlightenment, ●Life-force, ●Willpower, ●Healing (and more)
Servitors: Spirits of the Sun are known as "Helions", which western mages today classify as belonging to the "Celestial" class of spirit (alongside Lunars, Martians, Jovians, etc).




It has innumerable names, for (after the planet itself) the Sun is without a doubt the most important component in not just our lives but for the entire biosphere of our world. It creates the daylight we need to see and function, it makes the fruit and crops grow, it warms us when it's cold and in general nurtures the life on Earth. Every human culture has known the sun, and known of its primary importance, and in all likelihood it was the first thing ever worshiped by our race.

Materially it's not an actual planet like most of the other "celestines", but rather a full star, an astronomical phenomenon whole orders of magnitude bigger, mightier and more influential, as it birthed all other planets and is the central point around which they all orbit. It has inspired countless religions, philosophies and beliefs, stood as the role-model and determinant for concepts such as ''glory'', ''omnipotence'', ''enlightenment'' and ''good''.

As such it comes as no surprise that the spiritual representation of the Sun is an enormously potent presence as well, wielding a vast array of powers and being the supreme spiritual incarnation of numerous divine purviews, both physical and abstract, ranging from fire to righteousness to life.

Whether or not "Helios" exists as an actual entity, or whether it's more accurate to see it as the sum of all sun-related spirits (much as many people see the entirety of the ecosystem of all earthly spirits as "gaia"), as a sort of "nation" or "establishment" instead of a personality, is difficult to determine, given the scale disparity between the power and scope of The Sun and human faculties and comprehension.


Spiritual children of the Sun itself, Helions are rarely seen in the Shadow Realm. Those unfamiliar with them might easily mistake them for fire elementals, and perhaps they are related, but those spirits forged in the unceasing inferno of the Sun are far less mutable than their earthly cousins. Even less is known about the Sun Choirs than of other spirit groups, although one thing seems certain: No shaman who comes across one will walk away unaffected by the encounter.


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