Hand Of Nuada

Nature: Artifact (••••• ••)
Mana Capacity: 12
First Mentioned: 4.6 "Body of Knowledge", where Hermes heard about some of the recent turbulent events in the ol' home country.
First Encountered: 5.1 "…Couldn't put Þrúðvangr together again", where it turns out that Hermes' grandfather still had the hand stashed away in his little cottage.

Description: This intricate sculpture appears to be the right hand of a good-sized man, crafted from a single block of silver. The level of detail is truly astounding — individual veins, lines and even pores can be made out. The sculpture ends in a smooth, flat plane about an inch back from the wrist. The only departure from biology is the swirling pattern covering its surface, reminiscent of coiling smoke or vines crossed with celtic knotwork and norse woodcarving.

Effects: If this artifact is touched to the stump of a mage’s right hand the Hand mystically fuses itself to the flesh and becomes animated, functioning just like a normal hand, giving the mage sensation in their new appendage as if it was a normal part of his or her body. The Hand alters its size and shape to replicate the owner’s natural hand, and, once attached, cannot be removed save by severing. The Hand, though flexible as normal flesh, is still made of pure metal and thus inflicts an extra die of damage when used to attack.

It also has the ability to rid the heal wounds with a touch (as the Life ••• “Healing Heart” spell), rid the user or anyone touched from disease (''Banish Plague'', Life •••), grants a +2 bonus on all Craft rolls made using the hand, and a free Rote Specialty in Occult.

Though the majority of the Han is composed of a mystical alloy which integrates itself into the life-pattern of the wearer, its surface, on the other hand, is covered in a layer of Calamita (hence the coloration). This means that it can be charged with mana similarly to how one empowers Thaumium, turning it into a focal point which attracts and draws in all nearby beings and items marked by Destiny, causing the Hand and its wearer to inevitably become embroiled in big, noteworthy and possibly world-changing events.

Info: The Silver Hand is a sacred relic of the Daoine Legacy. According to legend, it was forged by the smith-god Dian Cecht for his brother, Nuada, so that Nuada could regain the throne from the evil god Bres.

Apparently Timothy Campbell Senior found the Hand on his first job, when he was brought in for physical labor during a local archaeological dig, and where he just happened to supply his meager paycheck with whatever valuables he was lucky enough to find when nobody was looking too closely. According to his own testimony, when he found it the Hand of Nuada was clutching the very Coin which Hermes later inherited from him.

Ever since he has held on to the Hand, keeping it hidden away for the day when he would finally have the opportunity (or be desperate enough) to fence it. The recent problem two of his grandsons had with the law did spur him to make such an attempt, which in turn ignited the small-scale….altercation….between various awakened factions in the region not too long ago. He explains that the debacle rather convinced him to lay low with this particular treasure for as long as possible, though it's anyone's guess how he got it away from the squabbling wizards while leaving them none the wiser for what had happened.

With the help of his enterprising grandson, however, Mr. Timothy was able to make a most exciting sale to Nobel, handing over the Hand in return for a suitcase or two full of Euros, with some solid gold bars thrown in for good measure in these economically uncertain times.

At the time of writing, this legendary and holy artifact remains in the hands of Pliskin.

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