At the lowest level of the sanctum one finds the Hallow, a circular room with five stone doors opening on stairs upwards leading to the sublevels of the five different sections: The living quarters, the Ritual Room, the Garden, the crafting hangar and the recreational area.

In the center of the room is a podium, with five lecterns facing the five groups of chairs evenly spaced out along the walls. Between the lecterns are glowing orbs, akin to the ones illuminating the rest of the sanctum. Here one can perform oblations, hold council, or in general get together for some serious communal talking. The room itself is crowned by a large crystalline chandelier, which lights up as soon as someone steps up onto the podium.

Entrance Chamber
Dining Area Living Quarters, ^ Recreational Area, ^ The Library Crafting Hangar, ^
Garden Living quarters, V Recreational area, V Ritual Room Crafting hangar, V
Teleportation Chamber Chamber of spirits

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