Hal Uzum

Nature: Guardian-spirit
First Encountered: 1.8 "You're Playing with the Big Boys Now"

Appearance: A large, sinuous, flying, multicolored, feathered snake.

Info: Though it has not resided within the Sanctum while its original owners were still present the Hal Uzum has still been here an incredible amount of time, ever since the first Native Americans discovered the installation and assigned him as a guardian of the secrets and wisdom of the place. Ever since he has slithered and floated through its halls, protecting it from unlawful intrusion and abuse.



Attributes Resources Traits
Power 10 Essence: 25 Defence: 11
Finesse 11 Willpower: 19 Initiative: 20
Resistance 9 Corpus: 15 Speed: 25

Influences (Roll Power + Finesse; 21 dice)

  • Warding 3
  • Serpents 1

1.Strengthen: Make concept stronger or more robust (f.eks. +1 health/rank). 1 min/sux, 1E; or 1h/ for 2E
2.Manipulate: Redirect or nudge phenomena; slightly alter functions. 10 min/sux, 2E
3.Control: Twist, change dramatically, and dictate actions & functions. 10 min/sux, 3E

Blast: Ranged attack. P+F, 1L/sux, 0E, +2 dice/extra E, range = 100 yrds, no range penalties
Chorus: Speak to any or all spirit(s) of own choir within 10 miles. 1E, P+F, sux = details sent
Claim: Take body. 3E, P+F vs Res+Comp, 1 roll/H, 50 sux between dusk/dawn to properly claim
Commune: Enter trance, can now sense: General state of home landscape/environment, potential threats, presence of intruders, etc. More detail with more sux. Range is 500 yards+100/sux. 1E/turn.
Ensnare: Spray entangling substance, 1E, roll Finesse-Defence, no armor. Target automatically grappled & immobilized. Str+Ath-10 per turn to escape. After 9 rounds penalty reduced by 2/turn
Materialize: Turn into solid matter and cross Gauntlet into real world. P+F, 3E, 1 hour/sux
Possession: Inhabit human body, use target's stats but own WP, 1 scene, P+F vs Res+Comp+G, 1E
Spirit Venom: After successful melee attack, give +1dmg &-1E/E spent, max 3. vs Sta to drain E/M
Swarm Form: Defence 0, 1/2 Speed, effective Str 1, can get through tiny openings/fly, immune to non-area attacks. Radius 1yrd/Size. All in area suffer -2 on mental rolls & 1 auto-B every turn, only total-cover armor applies, and at 1/2. Halving radius = +1dmg. Can do L by losing parts. 2E, scene

It needs to guard a worthy item or location or source of wisdom and knowledge. This is the task it exists for, and it can not do otherwise.

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