Guide To The Outer Dark

Nature: Grimoire & Daimonomicon & Thaumaturgy Tome
First Encountered: 6.6 "The Night's Plutonian Shores"
See also: Guide to the Inner Dark


While the olden
voices calling,

One by one behind
are falling;

Into silence dread,

Drift we to the dark…
Tome%20of%20DARKNESS.jpg Hopeless, helpless,
weird, outdriven,

Fateless, friendless,
dread, unshriven,

For some race-doom

Drive we to the dark.
"The Dread Voyage", William Campbell


Gods of the Outer Dark





Fangs of Mara:

1.Fear’s Icy Hand: Inflict unease, Pres+Intim+Mind vs Com+G, gives -1/Mind on all rolls 1 scene. All who've been initiated (or gone through same ordeal as a Mind 5 ritual) can send Mind-based message-effects, through the dreams of Acamoth, to any person who has experienced it. This counts as a ''Familiar''-type connection. Can't be tracked, overheard or intercepted, except by such people.

2.Glimpse of Madness: Make target hallucinate horrors, can't do actions except defend self or flee. Roll Man+Intim+Mind vs Com+G, lasts 1 turn/sux>target. Mind 4: Can decide hallucinatn content
Optional Space 3: Make 'false' sympathy with thinking being, +1step/Space, for 1h or until cancels. To sense takes ExSux on Mage Sight, ignores wards without Mind & Space, only carries Mind & attainments

3.Throw Wide the Gates: Expose target's mind to full horror of abyss. Drain -1WP per sux>target, & gets m. derangmnt (sev. if has 1+ already). Pres+Intim+Mind vs Com+G. Re-use after regaind wp
Optional Space 4: Can enter another's Oneiros, at sensory, through sympathy link, or optional 2nd attainment




Spell Dice pool Arcana lvl Traits
Building Surveillance Wits + Craft Space ••• 1M,C
Interpose Dex + Ath Space ••• V,T,R
Repel Res + Occ Space
+Any 1-5
•••• V, C
Shatter Space Int + Subt Space
+Fate 2
•••• V,1M,T
Detect Alien Minds Wits+Inv vs R/Res Mind
+Prime 1
View From Above Int + Acad Mind
+Space 2
Disinhibiting Sympathy Man+Emp vs Res+G Mind
+Space 3
••• 1M
Disrupt Concentration Man + Intim – Res Mind •••
False Speech Man+Exp vs Com+G Mind
+Forces 3
••• V,C
Iron Chains Man + Intim Mind
+Space 4
Provoke Wrath Man+Pers vs Com+G Mind ••• T
Psychic Assault Res + Intim – Res Mind ••• L
Telepathic Eavesdropping Wits + Emp Mind ••• T
Confuse Language Int + Occ – Res Mind ••••
Psychic Violation Pres+Intim vs Com+G Mind •••• V,L
Nightmare Journey Res + Occ Mind ••••• 1M,E,BF

C = Concentration, R = Reflexive, T = Transitory, V = Vulgar

Bonus Factors

Nightmare Journey: If primary caster is member of "Fangs of Mara", and this book is referenced during casting, then each secondary caster who's also a "Fang"-member reduces Mind rating required to use the Rote by 1, to a minimum of Mind 2 (with 3 assistants).



Building Surveillance (Space 3)

Practice: Unveiling
Action: Instant
Duration: Concentration
Aspect: Covert
Cost: 1 Mana
Effect: (be aware of everything in building simultaneously, but vaguely)
●Requires caster to be within building or other structure to be targeted (sympathetic at Space 4)
●Can only affect building/structure that caster has an "Intimate" Sympathetic connection with
Rote Pool: Wits + Craft

Interpose (Space 3)

Practice: Shielding
Action: Instant (can be "dodge" action, done before own Initiative place)
Duration: Transitory (one turn), or until expended
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: None
Effect: At any point during spell's duration the caster may put themselves between any person within (yards=Speed) & an incoming attack aimed at that person, taking all harm & consequences of that attack on self as if they were the original target of the attack. Caster is returned to their original position immediately afterwards.
Rote Pool: Dex + Athletics

Repel (Space 4)

Conjunctional: Any, at 1 to 5, depending on chosen phenomenon
Practice: Shielding
Action: Instant
Duration: Concentration
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: None
Effect: Choose 1 phenomenon governed by the Conjunctional Arcanum added. While spell is active it can't enter the immediate area around caster without forcing through the Potency (somewhat similar to "Ban")
●Begins with radius of 1 yard, but can add "Area Factors" to expand this, though the effect is always centered on caster & follows wherever they go.
●Choosing to repel anything more specific than "fire", "rain" or "falling rocks" imposes a penalty of –1 to –3
●Can protect from only one single phenomenon at a time.
Rote Pool: Resolve + Occult

Shatter Space (Space 4)

Conjunctional: Fate 2
Practice: Unraveling
Action: Instant
Duration: Transitory (one turn)
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: 1 Mana
Effect: (divide area into spatial sub-compartments whose connections between each other's borders is continually re-arranged at random)
●Rolled Sux applied as "Area (Volume)" Factors
●Can create max compartments = Int
Rote Pool: Int + Subterfuge

Sense Alien Minds (Mind 1)

Conjunctional: Prime 1
Practice: Unveiling
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged (one scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None
Effect: (perceive the presence & 'vibe' of otherworldly minds, & any 'energy trace' it may have left)
Rote Pool: Wits + Investigation vs (Resistance or Resolve)

View From Above (Mind 2)

Conjunctional: Space 2
Practice: Ruling
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged (one scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None
Effect: (see own surroundings from above, avoid most ambushes & get +1 Init/sux)
Rote Pool: Int + Academics

Disinhibiting Sympathy (Mind 3)

Conjunctional: Space 3
Practice: Fraying
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged (scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: 1 Mana
Effect: (target & people sympathetically linked to target, must roll Res+Com to not indulge Vice whenever given chance, even when that's immoral)
Rote Pool: Man + Empathy vs Res+G

Disrupt Concentration (Mind 3)

Practice: Fraying
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged (scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None
Effect: Give target –1/sux on rolls that require sustained focus, and they must succeed on Res+Com roll in order to perform normally unrolled tasks that take concentration (f.ex: patiently aiming firearm over several turns, or working to improve Skill rating)
Rote Pool: Man + Intimidation – Resolve

False Speech (Mind 3)

Conjunctional: Forces 3
Practice: Veiling
Action: Instant
Duration: Concentration
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: None
Effect: (Change anything said within the affected area so it sounds like different statement, as re-written by caster in realtime. Can be cast on a mobile target & made to follow as it moves. Listeners who resist still only hear garbled noise, unless speaker resisted too)
Rote Pool: Man + Expression vs Com+G

Iron Chains (Mind 3)

Conjunctional: Space 4
Practice: Weaving
Action: Extended
Duration: Prolonged (scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None, but 1M per use by targets
Effect: (link individuals to make travel through "Nightmare Journey" easier; ca variant of "silver threads")
Rote Pool: Man + Intimidation + Mind

Provoke Wrath (Mind 3)

Practice: Ruling
Action: Instant
Duration: Transitory (one turn)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None
Effect: (make target attack whoever they're most tempted to assault)
Rote Pool: Man + Persuasion vs Com+G

Psychic Assault (Mind 3)

Practice: Fraying
Action: Instant
Duration: Lasting
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None
Effect: Mental attack inflicts 1B per sux
Rote Pool: Resolve + Intimidate – Resolve

Telepathic Eavesdropping (Mind 3)

Practice: Weaving
Action: Instant
Duration: Transitory, but Prolonged at Mind 4
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None
Effect: (listen in on mental communications)
Rote Pool: Wits + Empathy

Confuse Language (Mind 4)

Practice: Unraveling
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged (scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None
Effect: (target loses capacity to use or comprehend language)
Rote Pool: Int + Occult – Resolve

Psychic Violation (Mind 4)

Practice: Unraveling
Action: Instant OR Extended
Duration: Lasting
Aspect: Vulgar
Cost: None
Effect: (inflict terror in target so they lose 1WP point & their next action)
Instant Dice Pool: Pres+Intimidate vs Com+G
Ritual Dice Pool: Man + Empathy vs Com+G

Nightmare Journey (Mind 5)

Practice: Unmaking
Action: Extended (requires sux = target's WP dots)
Duration: Prolonged (Scene)
Aspect: Covert
Cost: 1 Mana
Effect: (let target mentally project into the "astral space" of the Outer Gods)
Rote Pool: Resolve + Occult (no resistance, since target must be willing)



1-3.Psychic Resistance: Get +1/dot vs mind-powers, reflexive Wits+Com to notice when target of them. Prereq: Exposed to mental trauma of Outer Dark

1-5.Blasphemous Lore: This represents having learned the horrid & gibbering occult rituals of reality-bending horrors, without worshiping them or being part of their cult, through studies of forbidden & sanity-risking texts.
●Get 1 free Rite per dot, and can learn more Rites at cost of (lvl*2 AXP).
●Can learn Rites of max lvl = Merit rating
Prerequisites: Occult 3 (or 2+specialty), WP dots≥5 & either devotee of Outer Void OR have access to psychic nightmare-realm of the Outer Gods' own Astral space
Drawback: Learning a Rite with AXp is sin against Morality lvl of (8 – Rite rating)

1-5.Believers: Sleepwalker assistants who believe in your mystic powers. When doing "Dread Rites", get bonus = dots of Believers that are present / helping. Prereq: Know any Thaumaturgy and/or Rites


Thaumaturgy Tome


Nature: Fallen-World powers ('thaumaturgy'), so they don't follow usual limits & consequences of Supernal Spells
Dice Pool: Int + Occult + Equipment – Distractions – Being Damaged
Action: Extended. Requires sux =Rite lvl, 1 roll/turn, first roll costs 1WP.
Tools & gear: –3 to +2 (this book counts as +1 tool)
Rushed or distracted: –1 to –4
Getting hurt: Get –1 per dmg suffered during previous roll
Exceptional casting efforts: +3 to +5
Preparation: Being in a "Meditative state" can reduce interruption-penalties by –1 per sux on Meditation roll
Any of the following ends M. state: •Any dmg in 3 last health lvls, •Lose degen roll, •No WP left, ●Scene of Rite-use ends


Dread Rites

1.Apprehend the Ephemera: See & hear with all twilight beings, and vice versa, 1 scn
1.Dread Voyage†: Make extradimensional shortcut, 25% faster, 40% at ExSux, -1/passenger
1.Elder Tongue: Understand & use Outer Gods' "language" for 24hrs. Get +2 on related Research.
1.Gem in the Garden†: Learn target's Vice & 1 likely trigger that'll make them indulge it; vs Com+G
1.Sacrifice†: 'Fuel' spirit, ghost or similar, gives (E+WP) = 'worth' of life or item sacrificed

2.Babble of Horrid Voices†: Target limited to only 'elder tongue' & has "Vocalization" & gets –3 on Social. Until dawn. vs Com+G
2.Communion: Get guidance from Outer Gods, get effects ca as ''Common Sense'', for scene.
2.Mark of the Outer Dark: Mark item/place so it's warded vs spawn & minions of the Outer Gods.
2.Minor Form of the Outer Dark: Get natural weapon, +2B with 9-agn, for 3 turns
2.Perverted Desire†: Inflict horrible, grotesque urge in target, makes do minor nastiness. 24h. vs Com+G

3.All Eyes Serve the Outer Dark†: May see through target's eyes at will, no matter distance, for day. Res+G
3.Betrayal of Memory: Make thoughts of 1 event (up to 24h) so unpleasant it's repressed from all active memory. Indefinite, vs Res+G
3.Dreams of Lust & Terror†: Target tempted to depravity in dream. If acts on in dream, must roll vs Morality loss as if lvl 4 Sin.
3.Grant the Elder Tongue: All present & active in casting learns Outer Gods' "language" for 24hrs

4.Consecration to the Ones Before: Forbid area to all but spawn & minions of Outer Dark. To enter, roll Res+Com, need 4 sux
4.Inexorable Pull of Entropy†: If target does action stated by caster, dice pool reduced to Chance Die. Lasts until "used".
4.Touch of Doom: Fill own body with Outer Dark power, Brawl attacks do +4L with 9-agn, for 1 hour

5.As One with Those Who Walk In Between: For 24h after casting can reflexively become ghost-ish spectre, lasts until dawn/dusk. Develops Anchors & 2 Numina during. To end effect early & return to solid: Cast the Rite "in reverse"
5.Devouring Jaws of the Outer Dark: Get natural weapon, +5A, for turns = WP dots

6.Call Forth the Outer God: Actually summons an alien god & enables it to manifest with an active, physical presence, though it takes massive amounts of energy. This Rite requires ability to buy up traits to rating of 6, & getting the 6th dot in the Merit & have (Res or Com)≥6. Someone who has already studied & learned this Rite may perform it "in reverse", thereby Banishing the very same Elder God back to its imprisonment in the Outer Dark.


Arcane Link

Most Rites are sensory range, but any marked () can be used on target from afar (similar to "Sympathetic Range" for mage spells)

-0 Sensory •Caster is target
•Can see, hear or otherwise sense target
•Caster's Familiar is in target's proximity
-2 Intimate •Caster knows target very well (f.ex. close friend, relative, prized object)
•Has piece of target (f.ex. person's hair/blood, tree's leaf, car's paint chip)
-4 Known •Has a personal possession of target
•Has photo or similar accurate representation of target
•Live media feed of target, video or audio (f.ex. surveillance, phone)
-5 Acquainted •Painting of target (or equivalent)
•Item target was once in contact with
Impossible If a target is even less familiar, the Rite can't be done remotely


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