Guide To The Inner Dark

Nature: Grimoire and Daimonomicon



Daimonomicon: Teaches the Shepherds of Night legacy

Name Spell Dice pool Arcanum Lvl Traits
Night's Transformation Shadow Sculpting Man + Occult Death P
Commanding the Absence Animate Shadows Pres + Occult Death •• P
Failings of the Light Summon Shadows Pres + Occult Death ••• VP
Echoes of Possessions Shadow-Forged Res + Crafts Death+Matter3 ••• VP
Armored by Void Cloak of Decay Res + Crafts/Science Death+Fate2 •••• V1mP
Donning the Mantle of Night Shadow Flesh Sta + Occult Death+Life4 •••• VT
Projecting the Soul's Shadow Externalize Shadow Res + Occult Death ••••• ?

V = Vulgar, P = Prolonged, 1m = costs 1 mana


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