Grey Pete

Nature: Sleepwalker
First Encountered: 1.1 "The Murder Tree"
Notable Appearances: 2.2 "'Cause I'm leaving on a Jetplane"


Info: When the group first met him, he was a hobo with an alcohol problem hanging out in Moth Park, letting his failure to successfully exorcise the haunted Sycamore tree eat him up inside. Purely by chance the group later came across a book about exorcism with a picture of the author on the back; Grey Pete, actually Peter Grey, ordained catholic priest and expert in the field of exorcism. Once the group managed to uncover the reason why the tree was haunted, he was drafted into assisting with the exorcism, seeing as how he was the expert and besides was the only one they knew that spoke Latin. The fact that asking him to help also gave him a chance to get some closure in this matter was a bonus. So was the crucifix he gave to Skadi.

The group met him half a year later, after they had awakened and become the cabal Eye of the Storm. While the meeting was not exactly coincidental (long live the scrying/finder-combination), it was a pleasant one. After the Moth Park excorcism, Pete had entered a program and turned his life around. He was now once more doing the Lord's good work, traveling with the church van from park to park, offering a meal to the homeless people in those parks. He was easily talked into blessing an ornamental knife for the cabal for old times' sake, and before the cabal went home and the van drove back to the church, phone numbers were exchanged.

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