Green Dragon Crescent Blade

Nature: Imbued Item (Guan-dao) ••••• ••, recently also with a 'Roused Spirit' (see below)
Mana Capacity: 12
Mundane Traits: +4L, size 4, durability 4, structure 8, +1 defense when wielded, requires strength 4 for two-handed use, strength 5 for one-handed.
Activation: Gripping the shaft is all which is required to benefit from the first effect, while a Reflexive mental benediction while wielding it in combat activates the second. The user spends 1 Mana and rolls a dice pool equal to his Gnosis + 4
Effect 1: Persistent effect increases wielder's Strength score by 4
Effect 2: A Fate-blessing which increases the item's equipment rating by 1 per success, to a maximum of +4. This is Transitory, and successes on activation can be allocated to Duration Factors rather than Potency, if so desired. (This is more or less equivalent to the commonly known ''Lucky Coin'' effect, except that for being Reflexive and allowing successes to increase duration.)
Effect 3: Currently the blade's spirit has been roused from slumber, making the weapon capable of striking spiritual beings in twilight, communicating with whomever holds it, and eventually of using whatever numina it ends up developing.

Description: The Green Dragon Crescent Blade is a 'guan dao', a type of traditional type of Chinese pole weapon. It also happens to be a fairly legendary weapon, and until his death in the year 219 CE it was supposedly invented, designed and wielded by Guan Yu, a historical general-turned-divinity. Ever since his son (Guan Xing) reclaimed the blade from Guan Yu's captor it has been passed down their family line.

Legend says that Guan Yu invented the guan dao, and after doing so had the Green Dragon Crescent Blade commissioned by a local master smith, intending it to be the epitome example of this new type of blade. It is said that he specified its form and size to be made by a smithy, and was uniquely able to wield such an imposing weapon due to his large stature and legendary strength (though recent users might consider its inherent strength-enhancing property to have played a part in this as well). The story also says that this blacksmith was in the middle of forging the blade when suddenly a green dragon passed by. The dragon was cut up and the body became part of the pieces, hence the name, and thereby making this dao a magical weapon of remarkable power.

Historically, the guan dao, for the most part, was not actually intended for field use, but was instead used as a tool to test the strength of those who wished to become military officers: weapons of various weights were made, the test composed simply of performing various required maneuvers using such weapons. The weapon was also widely adopted by martial artists for the purposes of training and for demonstrating their strength, the use of a weapon that was intentionally made too heavy to be of practical use. As the GDCB makes whomever holds it instantly stronger, this limitation instead becomes an asset.

Modern historians consider it highly questionable whether Guan Yu actually wielded the Green Dragon or whether it was merely part of the myths surrounding him, valid historical text from his time period made no mention of him or anyone wielding a similar weapon. Because the guan dao was known not to be widely used until the Song Dynasty, there is some doubt by researchers and historians as to whether the guan dao existed during Guan Yu's time.

The Green Dragon Crescent Blade itself would like to politely disagree on these points, stating that it most emphatically was wielded by that most honorable of personages, Guan Yu, and that it did indeed exist that early in the glorious history of the Chinese people. It would also explain that while it is true that its type of weapon might not have been widely used until later, this had more to do with the guan dao being newly invented as well as difficult to use.

Given that Guan Yu didn't exactly mass-produce these blades nor work actively to make more people wield them, and given that they required much practice and training from experienced users, it should perhaps not be too surprising that it would take many years indeed before its prevalence grew widespread enough among the populace that historians today can read of it.

Whether its testimony can be trusted on this matter would seem to be left to each person's own judgement.

In Chinese it has, in time, become proper to call it a ''yan yue dao'', or "reclining moon blade". This specific blade is also sometimes referred to as the ''Frost Fair Blade'', from the idea that during a battle in the snow, the blade continuously had blood on it; the blood froze and made a layer of frost on the blade.

Its more recent history involves the Boxer Rebellion, and according to the Black Book, the year 1900 saw: "Green Dragon Crescent Blade smuggled to California to escape the Righteous Fist of Harmony"


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