Grail of Galahad

Nature: Magical item, type unknown
First encountered: P2.1 ''The Fall of Constantinople'', where it was rescued from the Hagia Sophia Athenaeum before looting invaders or demonic dukes could get at it


(see also Hyperborean Tools)

●Made of Lunargent and silver (apparently)
●Rim is adorned with 4 semi-precious gems, which look very much like composites of white opal & obsidian or onyx
●Each gem is a different mix of bright and dark: There's one all-white, one all-black, one with half of each, and one with only a crescent of whiteness.
●The foot/bottom plate is divided into 4 segment, with a stylized icon/pictogram in each
●Has ability to adjust its own construction in order to take on a different shape, without any single piece of material actually changing in any way. And yet it can still alter its size and weight in this fashion.

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