Gods Of The Outer Void
"Nor is it to be thought, that man is either the oldest or the last of earth's masters" - HPL
"History has many turns and forks, child.
Once, the Earth was a lump of cooling plasma,
hanging lonely in space, devoid of atmosphere or life.
This is a truth.
But it is also true that the Earth
was once a concave dish,
inhabited by those of
the Old Breed, the pre-dead.
Their time ended, at the same time as,
in another frame of reference,
the first life-form crawled from the ocean.
Humans still dream of them, and,
mistakenly believing them to be gods,
occasionally manage to evoke them
from their frame of reference into yours.
- from 'The Invisible Labyrinth', by John Bolton & N.G.
Also known as: Gods of the Outer Dark
Nature: Supposedly primordial pre-Atlantean demonic god-like monsters
First mentioned: 3.2 "But Now The Dead Begin To Rise...", where they were prayed to and invoked during a ritual, and one was partially glimpsed

Info: This nebulous group of beings are almost impossible to find any mention of in any of the customary sources of information known to the cabal, yet extensive work managed to come up with fragments and mentions and a few bits of information which may or may not be correct. Interchangeably called Gods of the Outer Void and of the Outer Dark, they are claimed to be a type of evil existing long before Abyss or even Atlantis came into being, being remnants from a previous era even in the Age of Monsters.

The sealed and cloaked text penned by the Mystagogue Ask instructs the reader to never learn more of these beings, to ignore their existence and avoid looking for more information about them, as even the awareness of them can corrupt a person. Nevertheless his text is perhaps the biggest and most coherent source about them, where he claims that they were survivors of the Primordium who remained protean and changeable even as the rest of creation settled into more defined shapes and categories. Terrorizing even such monstrosities as the Spinner Hag and Plague King they were supposedly forced to depart this world, banished to the "Outer Void/Dark", though by whom it was done, or how, or what sort of place/dimension this happens to be remains a mystery.

Other sources disagree in part or in full with even these vague 'facts', and whether or not they are related to the "Outsiders" or "Trans-Supernal Acamoth" spoken of by Sir James Owsley-Palmer is also unclear. It would seem that they are somehow linked to the Dread Fellowship of Apep, many who apparently prayed to them or invoked their names during dread rituals, and the resurrection of their leader seemed to require the personal interference from something which could very well have been one of these 'Gods'.

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