Gilles De Rais

Path: Moros
Order: House Vrykolaka
Legacy: Tremere Lich
Cabal: Household of Erzebeth
Title: Chamberlain of Venice
First Encountered: 4.1 "Veni, Vidi, Venice"

Description: Thick, dark hair and beard, both kept neatly trimmed. Deep-sunken eyes so shadowed it is hard to tell their colour, yet he always has a pleasant smile for visitors and dresses impeccably yet slightly understated, so as not to out-shine anyone. Always keeps a calm, collected and polite tone

Info: The right-hand-man to Erzebeth and man responsible for the daily operations and functions of the Liches in Venice and its environs. It was Gilles who sent an invitation to the Eye of the Storm ([1], [2], [3]), and who brokered the trade deal where the hat of marino faliero was exchanged for substantial amounts of information.

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