Giancomo Marchiani

Nature: Thaumaturge
Encountered: P1.5 "Tablets of the Hieromagus"
Info: Was the master of Avalon House, a fashion enclave based in Milan.

While attending one of his very private parties it was noticed that he was approached by a group of people with notably strange auras: One seemed to drip with blood, one seemed burned to a crisp, and one seemed to have crystallized completely. Furtive whispers ensued, where Giancomo seemed unhappy to see his visitors and had confirmed they were there to speak to him of 'the fountain'.

It was from Marchiani's private collection that the Condiments stole the Dagger of the Succubus, the Black Grail, and the Book of Dead Names, but that room held many other treasures as well. Such as a dozen or so beautiful, young, and soul-less women.

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