"As it was written, in the anci….in the quite recent scrolls!

The events foreseen in the prophecies of Hermes (from half a year ago), have….'finally'…come to pass!"

Path: Obrimos
Order: Silver Ladder
Legacy: Daksha
Cabal: Retinue of the Dalai Lama
Concilium: Dharamshala
First Encountered: When the PC's first Divined that they would have to save the Dalai Lama, and contacted the mages involved in his security detail and swapped contact information (When was that? Can't remember)
Notable Appearances: 6.6 "And Eternity in an Hour"
Position: Liaison between the leaders of the Daksha in Chennai and the awakened and other wise ones attending to his holiness.

Info: The main person among the Lama's assistants whom the PC's have been in contact with, both when preparing for the prophesied abduction and when that dreadful event finally took place. Primarily because he/she is the person there who speaks the best English and knows how to use modern telephones, but also because, as a théarch, Gamaya is specially trained in making sure people from different backgrounds get along and understand each other.


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