Nature: Gathering-place for the Awakened; site of Convocation
First Encountered: 4.7 "All the King's Mages and All the King's Men"
Location: Trøndelag, Norway

Description: Shaped much like a classic amphitheater, with benches and seats arranged mostly in a semi-circle of descending steps towards a central podium where the magisters sit at a stone table. The place has incredibly good acoustics even before the geomantic and spell-based enhancements come into play, and though it is by no means tropical the atmosphere is warm and calm, shielded from harsh winds and biting frost. This is mostly due to how the perimeter is lined with a circle of standing stones, which are all covered in ancient carvings meticulously kept fresh and well-preserved.

Info: Frostating is a very old site, used by the Awakened for their moots and councils for over a thousand years at the very least, and is highly respected by the Diamond Orders beyond the merely local community. The Ward covering the site is exceptionally strong and resilient, which combined with the fact that the Ting and quite a bit of land around it happens to be a Demesne makes it a place many mages enjoy visiting.

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