Forces of Nature

Nature: Defunct Cabal
Members: Antinomy (tamer of wind), Catharsis (t.o. rain), Sisu (t.o. iron), Florence (t.o. the cave), ???

Info: A cabal comprised solely of elemental tamers, tapping into the primal and prehistoric powers of the pure elements in order to enact positive change upon the world.

Used to fulfill much the same 'role' in the San Fransisco concilium as the PC's cabal do now, namely that of being the mages most likely to run around getting involved in whatever chaos and mayhem might be going on at any given time. They were known for jumping into situations without stopping to think first, and although young they soon became rather powerful and competent in their own way.

Ending: Given their proactive and impulsive nature nobody were very much surprised when the Forces of Nature became among the very first to join the fray when the recent conflict with the Liches suddenly went from being a long and drawn-out cold war, becoming a violent battle fought with spells and swords and shooting.

Sadly, although they had faced numerous threats before and survived, the Forces of Nature (along with most of the pentacle mages) had been kept ignorant as to how much power the Atman Aeternus had actually managed to amass in secret. During one of the first big fights the cabal was overwhelmed by the necromancy and enchanted armaments of the enemy, most of them killed off within a few short minutes.

When the war finally ended Catharsis found herself the sole survivor of her once lively and energetic cabal. To deal with her grief she announced that she would travel around the globe, in the hopes that somewhere along the way she'd find whatever she needed. Though she did return once her journey was over she decided not to continue the cabal, declaring it dead and herself a solitary mage until such time as she found another one to join, or someone she felt comfortable starting a new cabal with.

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