First Scribe's Censer

Nature: Imbued Item (•••)
Mana Capacity: 11
First Encountered: P1.4 "The Embassy of Cibola"1

Description: Looks like a small iron pot barely bigger than a teacup, inscribed around the base with old writing and reliefs of demons locked in battle. Close to the rim are three rings which can be fastened to chains in order to allow the censer to be suspended from above, though there are also three small legs it can stand on if it's places on a level surface.

Effects: When something is written on paper or other flammable material and burned within the censer the message is supposedly transmitted to the First Scribe, the mythic Mysterium figure who resides in a hidden sanctum where he keeps track of the location, movements, history and powers of all known Artifacts in existence. Various version of the fairytale suggest that the First Scribe resides anywhere from an elaborate Tibetan library to the secret vaults beneath the Vatican (see p.160-161 of the "Mysterium" sourcebook).

It should be noted that this item is an expressly one-way method of communication. Despite endless attempts through the ages it's been shown that the sympathetic link provided by this item can't be exploited in order to reach, affect or use other magics against the First Scribe (or whomever the recipient may happen to be).

Info: Was last seen in the possession of Vinegar

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