The Norns - The Aeon of Fate
Ikke som en cæsar gjorde,
skal du med et sverd bevæbne
deg mot verden, men med ordet;
Amor Fati - elsk din skjebne.
Denne formel skal du fatte
som din sterkeste befrier:
Du har valgt din sti i krattet.
Ikke skjel mot andre stier!
Også smerten er din tjener.
Lammet, sønderknust, elendig
ser du at den gjenforener
deg med det som er nødvendig.
Også fallet, også sviket
hjelper deg som dine venner.
Dine nederlag er rike
gaver, lagt i dine hender.
Engang skal du, tilfredsstillet
av å bli din skjebne verdig
vite: Dette har jeg villet.
Alt som skjer meg skjer rettferdig.
Si da, når din levegledes
grønne skog er gjennomvandret:
Intet vil jeg anderledes.
Intet ønsker jeg forandret.
-André Bjerke

Nature: Astral Being(s)
Type: Aeon
Mate: Chronos, Aeon of Time
First Encountered: 5.5 "A Pair of Star-Cross'd Lovers"





Request: The answers to three questions, as long as the Norns were free to give them. A question they could not answer would not count as one of the three questions to be answered.
Q1: Who is the Undying Imperatrix?
A1: Caroline
Q2: What, if anything, is her bane?
A2: She's dying (physical), she doesn't have full control & is in tricky tactical position (mental), she doesn't love (social)
Q3: Why does The Symbol show up all over the place all the time?
A3: For the same reason that a car leaves tire tracks of a boot leaves footprints; because magic becomes stronger if you mark the target with a rune first; it's based on the same principle as when a mage writes his own name on the Watchtower to create thorough and permanent sympathy to it, much as you'd paint the concentric circles of a bulls-eye on the spot you plan to aim at later. For all these reasons the Symbol shows up one way or the other every time the Kalakin Engine is significantly involved in vital nexus-events, as this is simply an intrinsic part of how the artifact performs its ultimate function.
Price: She must do a sufficient amount of translation/decoding of The Book, for until she's done enough she still owes the Norns an unspecified task/price, which they are free to demand at their choosing, and which could potentially be horrendously costly or painful.

Request: The answers to three questions, as long as the Norns were free to give them. A question they could not answer would not count as one of the three questions to be answered.
Q1: Before the end of all this, what are the major choices we will have to make?
A1: Many of your big choices you've already decided ahead of time when you made your promises as payment to us and to Chronos, but some of the biggest remaining ones which you probably won't be able to avoid are:
*Whether to enter the Underworld or not, and once there, whether or not Dorian will walk the path laid down in front of him to the end, or whether he will be too afraid and turn back too soon.
*Whether or not you'll go to the Temple of Seven Pillars before you have everything you'll need, thereby wasting the one chance you'll have once you get there.
*Whether to embrace the painful Truth about your lives and what you believe to be real or whether you'll stay in the comfortable illusion where you're significant and in control.
*Whether or not to trust someone you loathe and whom you have every reason for not having faith in.
*Whether or not you will charge ahead to the endgame without knowing enough about what's going on, or whether you'll take the time to learn what you need first in order to make your decisions from a truly informed position.
Q2: What would be so bad about allowing the Hieromagus to live?
A2: It would end your world, and possibly wipe out the human race or otherwise alter the human condition entirely. There would be less contrast, less pattern, less narrative in the world, at least as we know it now, thereby severely weakening the presence and power of Fate. The Norns do not desire this outcome, and therefore oppose it.
Q3: What should I know?
A3: *Claire has truly had all memories of her time as Lethe permanently erased from her mind, not just suppressed, but she still retains an indelible link to the Exarchs in her soul.
*Baphomet is having an affair with the Hierarch.
*Your father died ten months ago.
*When it comes to the 'ancient past' events, you are erroneously assuming that separate disasters are the same one, as opposed to them happening one after the other, with large amounts of space and time separating them. There are hints, clues and indications of this, but you're blind to them because they don't fit the mental shape of your assumptions. Do note that ''you'' can be a plural word here.
*You have something which Enoch would pay dearly for and which would make him incredibly happy, and which would cost you almost nothing to give him.
*The Fangs of Mara are not connected to the Abyss or the Acamoth
*You've been looking for answers about Gâr and the Graal, and the most complete collection about the former found on your planet, out of what is reasonably accessible to you, is in the hands of the Thulskaya Soviet, in Siberia, after their predecessors acquired it in Berlin, anno 1946. They happen to be old foes of the Loyalists of Thule.
*Danu was one of the Seven.
Price: Make sure someone Assumes the Final Name of Low-Key.

Rui Shi
Request: To give his unborn child the chance to have a life and a future.
Boon: They adjusted the skein of fate to ensure that the child would have a life free from any and all supernatural events or problems, provided that any given paranormal effect could be avoided at all. If something happened which affected all humans on earth no matter what choices they'd made or where they were, the child would experience it along with the rest of the human race. Barring such global events, it would have a good home, a caring and non-abusive family, and would live free from unnatural predation and manipulation until it was old enough to choose for itself whether to meddle in the hidden workings of the world.
Price: That he would either prevent the birth of, or kill if it ever gets born, the child he will come to know as the Hieromagus.


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