The Eyes Of Jennifer Pliskin

Nature: Enhanced Items (Hedgespun)
First Encountered: 5.5 "A Pair of Star-Cross'd Lovers", wherein Nobel purchased them from Pete's Parts at the Market Below, in return for his own right hand and all the blood it contained at the time.

Description: A pair of prosthetic eyeballs made out of some sort of crystal and glass blend, making them look almost indistinguishable from real eyes even before the concealing veil of Glamour enters the picture. To mortal perceptions they seem to be entirely real, nothing but normal, organic eyes.

Effects: In addition to functioning as actual eyes to whomever had them implanted, granting sight as long as enough of the optic nerve remained to connect them to the brain, they also have the following supernatural properties:

Whenever someone looks into Jennifer's eyes for the first time that scene, provided they are within 50 yards of her, they find themselves momentarily entranced by her beautiful eyes. This lasts only a fraction of a second, but is caused by 1 point of Willpower being transferred from that person's pool to Jennifer's, though as mentioned, this can't affect someone more than once in the same scene. This isn't a conscious choice or action on Jennifer's part, but an intrinsic property of the item itself.

Secondly, all within 50 yards of her suffer a -3 penalty to Resolve and Composure rolls while her eyes are visible to them. Third and lastly: Jennifer herself benefits from a +3 bonus to all Persuasion-rolls against anyone who can clearly see her eyes, no matter the distance (which includes live video feeds).


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