Eye Of Ohrmuzd

Nature: Artifact (presumably)
First Encountered: 6.4 "The Hieromagus Cometh" (where it was looted from Mazda's dead body)
Notable Appearances: 6.6 "The Night's Plutonian Shores"


Info: Hermes cut it out of Ahura Mazda's eye socket before the angel of death flew his corpse off to the Mausoleum of Osiris on Saturn.

Effects: According to Mazda the mere attempt to implant it in a person already bonded with the Eye of Ahriman, that person will supposedly be instantly killed. As for why, the answer was that "the eyes hate each other".

By burrowing with its legs along where the optic nerve should be and then hooking them into the brain the artifact performs all the functions that a real eye would, allowing the host to see through it as if it was his own original organ. In addition it is known to have the following functions:

Eye of Enlightenment:

Lighting up the Lies:

View Virtue:

Scrutinize Soul: Study person intently to get a rough idea of their morals, conscience and integrity. Dice pool is Wits + Empathy + perception modifiers, each roll takes 10 minutes, and requires successes equal to target's (Res+Com)x2. The character then learns the category of the target's Morality:

0 to 1 2 to 4 5 to 7 8 to 10
Monstrous Villainous Average Exemplary

Sight of the Sun:


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