Eye Of Ahriman

Nature: Artifact (••••• ••••• ••)
Mana Capacity: 15
First Encountered: 5.4 "Grapes of Sorrow", where Skadi fished it out of the raging 'river' of stuff regurgitated by Iram at Nobel's (magical) command.
Notable Appearances: 5.5 "A Pair of Star-Cross'd Lovers", where Rui Shi chose to replace his own eye with it and allow it to bond with his pattern, in return for being given knowledge of Ritual Synergy by Pandora, the Aeon of Prime.

Description: A scarab-shaped amulet carved of an unknown black crystal colder than ice. When properly activated, however, it seems to come alive and inserts itself into one of the wielder's eye sockets. When its supernatural powers aren't being actively used it disguises itself to look like a perfectly normal eye.

Effects: By burrowing with its legs along where the optic nerve should be and then hooking them into the brain the artifact performs all the functions that a real eye would, allowing the host to see through it as if it was his own original organ. In addition it is known to have the following functions:

Darksight: Can see in darkness, but the Scarab-eye suffers visual penalties in bright light, becoming entirely blind if place is too well illuminated.

Umbral Eye: Can shift perception to any dark or shadowed place by closing his eyes and concentrating, but it can't show any well-lit area. As per Space 2 spell «Scrying»

Tenebrous Shield: Owner's shadow rises up and protects him, persistent Mage Armor, 5 points, as per «Entropic Guard». Works VS overpower, but not initial grapple roll

Shadow Force: Create solid darkness from scratch. Vulgar, Prolonged, 1 yrd radius/5 cubic yard volume. 1 Str or 1 Dur /sux. Attacks made through the dark is reduced by Dur, but darkness not damaged by this. No max limit, but utterly destroyed if hit by 1 ray of sunlight. As per Death 4 spell «Summon Shadows»

Shadow Horde: Makes servants out of darkness, Vulgar, Prolonged, 1M. These begin with Int 1, Pres 1, Com 0, Man 0, Res 0. Spend sux to give Phys Attributes, Wits, Skills and Armor. They're marginally sentient and know no fear, immune to mind control or stuff contested by Res/Com. Can do complex tasks, giving them orders is instant action, but only 1 task at a time. As per Spirit 5/Death 3 «Shadow Slave», but are destroyed if hit by sunlight.

*To awaken the Eye from its slumber and to bond to it as its new 'host' can only be done by someone who has at least 5 dots in the Destiny merit, or who has some other trait proving that they are of equivalent cosmic importance.
*It was foreseen that when Skadi was ready for the next level of Mystery Initiation she would be bringing along this item.
*After the deal with Pandora had been finalized she made cryptic comments, about how the end of this Age was approaching, and so it was fitting and proper for the Eyes to be wielded once more.


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