Entrance Chamber

First, there is the Entrance chamber, where one arrives in the center by descending a spiral staircase, as seen on this map:

From here, five large stone doors open on staircases leading down to five different areas: Dining Area, Recreational Area, Living Quarters, The Library and the Crafting Hangar. Directly below the entrance area one finds the Hallow, though it is not directly accessible from here.

PS: A note on how I draw maps: Arrows on staircases point in the direction the stair goes down. Move along the arrow to descend a staircase.


Entrance Chamber
Dining Area Living Quarters, ^ Recreational Area, ^ The Library Crafting Hangar, ^
Garden Living quarters, V Recreational area, V Ritual Room Crafting hangar, V
Teleportation Chamber Chamber of spirits


Notation: This is a rough map of the various sections of the Sanctum. The part listed in black with grey background is the current page. The chambers that are underlined and in bold text are the sections this one has a direct connection to, whether through stairs or corridors.

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