Path: Moros
Order: Mysterium
Concilium: Trøndelag, Norge
Position: Hierarch
First met: 4.7 "All the King's Mages and All the King's Men"

Description: Very old and tall woman, with long iron-gray hair. Walks with a slight stoop a if to conceal her height a bit, and a problematic leg causes her to lean on her can whenever she takes a step. Her voice is usually kind and friendly, and given half a chance she'll offer you homemade cookies and talk your ears off about what her favorite descendant of the week is doing.Though she practically never jokes or makes fun of things herself she enjoys humor and levity greatly, and is seldom seen without a smile on her lips despite the aches and problems of her body.

Info: Claims to be over three hundred years old, and is known to wield Mastery in at least Life and Death. Solid records have shown that she's capable of Adept-level effects in both Time and Spirit, though it is widely believed that she's hiding her true capabilities in either of these, or even both. Though her familiar is a small black cat whose name has never been revealed to anyone she's also prone to keeping all sorts of strange company, most notably the two sentient raven-like creatures known as Hugin and Munin. Having remained Hierarch of not only the city of Trondheim but also most of the region of Trøndelag for two centuries or more has enabled her to entrench herself in the local power structure to the point where most consider it virtually impossible to unseat her. In return she seldom involved herself in the actual daily running of the Concilium, acting more like a senior adviser and a living memory-bank of information on how the city works, available to whoever currently sits on the ruling council.

Given that she's known to keep track of the real names of all mages born in her domain and that she literally knows where the bodies are buried it's likely that should she choose to do so she could summon up the ghosts of any and all deceased mages of the region for several generations past. With this being just one example among many of the sort of power she possesses there's no end to the speculation as to what she's actually doingwith it all. When asked directly about this she usually answers something along the lines of "My granddaughter is teaching me Tetris" or other such mundane trivialities. Which is usually rather frustrating, given the amount of work and patience required to ever be granted a visit with her, unless she takes a personal interest in the petitioner. In fact her strict hands-off approach means that many of the local mages do not even hear about her until they've been Awakened for several years, and more than one wizard has honestly believed her to be a hoax or urban legend until she showed up to a Concilium meeting half a decade later.

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