Einherjar Aspirants
Cattle die,
kinsmen die,
the self must
also die;

I know one thing
which never dies:
The reputation of
each dead man.
- Håvamål
Parent Path: Moros
Parent Order: Adamantine Arrow
Nicknames: Storm-Crows, Foreboders, the Doomed, the Honorable Dead, Valravens
Primary: Time. Secondary: Death
Prerequisites: Fate 1, Resolve 2/3/4
Soundtrack: Hero - Heather Dale

Concept: They need to be worthy of the better afterlife which awaits those who die a good and honorable death, such as while fighting valiantly for a righteous cause, or to save the lives of innocents, etc. After all, the Valkyries only take the best, so the Aspirants work hard and prepare themselves so that their inevitable demise will be good enough to become a proper saga or a grand epic poem.



Their goal? To not die pointlessly, avoid all stupid and unworthy deaths they see coming (with their prediction-powers), and hone themselves so they can go out and earn a proper death that's actually awesome enough to earn their place in Valhalla. They see their death coming and go ''Bah, that's rubbish! I'm avoiding that one; I'll just kill the sniper first. That's not good enough. Next!''.

  • You can also divine how someone else is going to die….but ONLY if you tell them, proclaiming their coming Doom. you yourself won't know what it is until you're saying it out loud.
  • They're sort of ''spoilers: the legacy'', whose entire 'thing' IS to read the ending of the story, and use that info to 'cheat' here and now, until they get to a predicted ending they're satisfied with.
  • Some of them believe that they have their own Dominion in the Underworld, but whether it's a joyous reward actually organized by their gods, or happens to be an isolated and exclusive realm crafted by ancient Atlantean Archmasters, is a matter of debate & personal faith.
  • Killing them won't help. They PRACTICE being dead, for when it actually happens to them. They have EXPERIENCE in this field. Moros-arrows: Scary fuckers.
  • Imagine someone in a fight with an Aspirant, who fire off a shotgun in the Arrow's face. The mage goes down, obviously dead…..only to have his Einherjar-powers kick in and make his ghost rise from the still-cooling 'corpse' and lunge at the attacker in search of bloody vengeance! Same result if enemy tries to take them out with spells such as "suppress other's life".
  • If someone actually manages to take them out in unsatisfactory way, or an embarrassing mistake kills them off? Still get a second chance, returning a final time from beyond the grave to set the record straight before they're willing to lie down and be properly dead.
"Nobody can from their Fated End fly" – Old viking saying



1.Observing the Orlog: Make non-magic roll twice, get best result, 1M/use. See Destiny-bits of ''interconnectns''
2.Facing the Fylgja: Continual ''Divination'' on self: ''most likely death''. Do 1/day on others, if tells them.
Death 3: ''Suppress own life'', reflxv for 1WP OR if combine-cast with spell on own corpse (f.ex."haunting")
3.Fetching the Folloge: Inflict partial conditions of target's future death in the here & now, with effects as per cause of death. If "old age", inflicts -1/Time on all rolls. Scene.
Death 4: If dies unfittingly and/or with unfinished business, or if life magically suppressed by foe, become Revenant, 1 passion/Death.


Oblation Ideas

Ancient battle ceremonies, training methods and meditations, upholding honor code, ritually swearing oaths, dramatically foretelling someone's doom, etc, etc. primarily norse theme & traditions and such. composing the epic saga of your own life….before it happens. planning your own funeral too, as well as carrying out the epic hero-funeral of fellow legacy member. Building a longboat, filling it with weaponry by defeating foes & claiming their gear, and then putting corpse on it, setting it adrift, performing the epic poetry of their life, then setting it on fire. Which can be long-term project they work on an hour each day for months or years. Given how they might die several times, they can do more than one such funeral, if need be. For that matter, spending an hour being dead, yet still active, might also be oblation. Sparring practice….with REAL weapons, and little to no safety precautions. memorizing and retelling the stories of previous members who managed to accomplish their honorable dooms; that's sort of the point of joining: your story will be remembered forever. so having later members knowing and performing them. confronting your Bane (if you have one), could actually count too. actively seeking it out & coping, or the same for your foreseen type of death


Known Members


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