Eclipse Temple

Nature: Ancient ruin

Description: A cyclopean and austere temple-like complex of stone, devoted to the almighty 'sky-father' above, and focusing on how he has invested his authority in the god-emperor-figure(s) who rule this place in his name. Imposingly tall and narrow halls, walls carved with scenarios of military victory, enemies crushed underfoot, and populations bowing down in abject worship, and an indefinable air of menace provoked by the unorthodox architectural layout. From the decor and legendry associated with it it's believed to have been constructed by a prehistoric branch of the Seers of the Throne.

Info: Though it had been mentioned in enough legends and stelae for Pentacle historians to believe it existed once upon a time it was believed to have perished long ago, and so it wasn't until the Archaeomancers of San Fransisco succeeded in locating and using one of its entrances in august of 2008, and returning alive with photographic evidence, that it was revealed to still exist. The main difficulty lies not necessarily in finding one of the entrances, as there are several places across southern Europe, the middle east, near Asia and Siberia, with stone edifices which experts accept were most likely access-points. The problem is that, as it name implies, the Eclipse Temple only exists (or is only accessible) during a full solar eclipse, which means that not only do would-be discoverers have to wait for such an event to take place in the location of a known gate, but they also have an extremely limited window of opportunity for exploring the Temple before their exit closes again. And indeed, when the Archaeomancers entered the place they found the skeletal remains of previous archaeologists there, presumably having been trapped when the eclipse ended and the vanished gate left them to die of deprivation.

In what is considered the ''grand hall'' a mighty throne sat against one wall, atop a veritable pyramid of steps required to reach it. In one of the armrests there was an indentation, almost as if an object was meant to slot into it. The shape was identical to that of the Kalakin Engine 'spokes', a form which also showed up in some of the bas-reliefs adorning the walls, brandished almost like a scepter by the 'emperor' figure.

The place was also glimpsed briefly by the Condiments during their jaunt through time: They saw a female-ish figure clad for exploring very cold and hostile environments, who seemed to be within the Eclipse Temple and holding the aforementioned 'wrench'-item, which was currently emitting a rather strong glow.

Also mentioned on page 180 and Page 213 of The Black Book.


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