Nature: Group of unknown membership, whether familial, religious, cultural or racial.

Info: Though not encountered in person these people have been showing up in various historical texts and myths. Their last known appearance was during the second world war, where a sect-like cell claiming to be either the durergar themselves or their descendants/inheritors allied themselves with the Nazi mages of ''Project Vajra'' in order to take Mjøllner for themselves.

The most comprehensive information about them is found in the Trondheim Texts, which describes them as follows:

And in the dead remains of Yimi-r's form there came to be scavengers, as is the nature of things, whom the Aesira came to know as Duergar. And from the deep places of its corpus did they dig out what they could of stone and metals and power, learning what craft and secrets they could, and made out of it all new wonders to call their own.
the Duergar had, from the bones and grit of ancient Yimi-r, managed to pry a speck's worth of knowing about the Nifl and the Muspl, just as the Odin before them had sought out and won the carved signs which are mystery. And from seeing those of Yimi-r had the Duergar also fashioned powerful marvels, crafted in that inspired image; both riches and treasures but most importantly weapons.
With lies and deceit did he (Loki) trick these makers, both the Sons of Ivaldi and the brothers Brokkr and Sindre, to willingly give unto the Æsura their own labour's fruit, each litter in so hoping they could win a contest against the other. So it came to be that the Æsura won their most potent treasures and structures, and in return didst they offer residency for the Duergar, that they may lawfully live in the land with the Gods' blessings. Yet malice runs deep in the hearts of corpse-worms, and never did they entirely forgive.

The other document which mentions them is the Soviet Note, which would seem to be narrated by one of them:

In the land of the Aesur did we live on, last heirs of Yimi, called Brimir and Yama. We are Duergar.
Though they seek to wrest our secrets from us we will not divulge knowledge earned through generations of hard work. Yimi prevails.
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