Merit: "Duel Arcane" Fighting Style

Based On: Expanded Duel Arcane Rules
Prerequisites: Concilium Status 1, at least 1 dot in either Brawl, Weaponry or Politics

• - Know Thy Enemy
Once per turn in a Duel you can choose to reflexively roll Wits + Empathy +1 per round after the first that the duel has been going on (maximum 3) – opponent's Composure. If this is successful you manage to deduce which Arcanum he will use as Sword OR Shield. You choose which one you try to reason out before making the roll. This enables you to choose an optimal attack or defence to counteract your enemy's plans.

•• - Second Wind
When using the special maneuver for Invoking, instead of gaining the normal one willpower point per success the duellist recharges 1,5 points per success, rounded down. Rolling two successes gives 3 points, rolling four gives 6 points, and so on.

••• - Sun Tzu Vision
Exactly the same as for 'know thy enemy', but now both the Sword and the Shield the enemy has decided on is obvious to the mage using this merit, if the roll succeeds. Allows for countering every move by the opponent as effectively as possible, as well as hitting where his defences are low.

•••• - The Best Defense
When using the special maneuver for Banishing, choose one of the arcana used for the attack. This arcanum can still be used as a Shield on the next round, as the ferocity of the previous attack leads a certain amount of breathing space in which to protect oneself. It still needs a whole round before it can be used to attack though.

••••• - Empowered Pentagram Technique
Choose either Invoking or Banishing when this level is attained: The bonuses you gain for having an advantageous arcanum on that circle is increased from 1 to 2, both when attacking and defending.

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